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Home Teacher Appreciation Contest May 2017 Winner: Jennifer Jackman

Congratulations to our May Teacher Appreciation Winner: Jennifer Jackman!

Teacher Appreciation Contest

With the help of Sirrine Elementary School’s Principal Renee Parker, The Husband & Wife Law Team surprised another deserving recipient with their Monthly Teacher Appreciation Award. On Thursday May 11, Mark Breyer surprised a very well deserving 4th grade teacher in Chandler. Mrs. Jackman was definitely confused when Mark walked into her classroom holding a microphone and a giant $250 check. When she found out what she won, she was so touched and teary eyed and couldn’t wait to share her gift with her students. She had no idea what else he had in store…as this month’s award recipient Ms. Fischer also received a customized Teacher Appreciation plaque for her to keep, a feature spot on The Husband and Wife Billboards for a day, and a pizza party for her class. Congratulations Mrs. Jackman!

Jennifer Jackman, Mark Breyer and her whole 4th Grade Class!

Jennifer Jackman, Sirrine Elementary School, Mesa Public Schools, Chandler

Jennifer Jackman is deserving of this honor as she sets high expectations for learning and personal accountability. She gives students an understanding of the importance of real-life applications and teaches them to extend their knowledge with consistent feedback, discussions and collaborative projects. Mrs. Jackman gives her time outside of the school day with literacy club, battle of the books and attending various functions that highlight students. We appreciate all that Mrs. Jackman does and the difference she makes in the lives of the entire Sirrine community.

How can you reward your favorite teacher? It’s simple!

All too often great teachers go unrecognized for the hard work and dedication they pour into the classroom. The Husband & Wife Law Team’s Teacher Appreciation Award aims to give credit where it is due, by rewarding one amazing teacher each month.

Mark and Alexis, successful attorneys and parents to 8 children, know the impact a great teacher makes. “I grew up seeing the importance of teachers in communities, and saw firsthand how they give so freely, so their students can thrive,” said Mark Breyer.

Anyone can nominate a deserving teacher online, by filling out an entry form at

The Husband & Wife Law Team: Mark and Alexis Breyer

Mark and Alexis Breyer have been practicing personal injury law in Arizona for over twenty years. They are continually featured in both local and national media outlets with colleagues, clients and community members recognizing them as the “The Best Law Firm” in Arizona. However, the couple’s proudest accomplishments are all of their client’s success stories. The Husband & Wife Law Team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to their clients by always going above and beyond. With 24/7 support staff available, The Husband and Wife Team is always here to help!

The Husband & Wife Law Team discuss Teacher Appreciation on Arizona Midday

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