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Home Teacher Appreciation Contest March 2019 Winner: Danielle Shafer

Congratulations to our March Teacher Appreciation Winner: Danielle Shafer

Teacher Appreciation Contest

With the help of the principal, Timothy Thomas, at Rogers Ranch School, The Husband & Wife Law Team surprised a wonderful and deserving recipient with their monthly Teacher Appreciation Award. Danielle Shafer was surprised in front of a large group of second and third graders. All the second and third graders welcomed Mark with a loud round of applause and showed a great deal of enthusiasm when answering all his questions. Mark expressed the importance of how much teachers do, but how few of them actually get the recognition they deserve. Mark and the students helped to give Danielle a powerful standing ovation as she came to the front of the room. Mark surprised Danielle with a check in the amount of $250.00, a plaque for her classroom, and a few more surprises! She was humbled and even more excited when she was told that she would be featured on The Husband and Wife billboards throughout the Valley for a day. But the surprises didn’t stop there. Not only was she awarded $250.00 and an appreciation plaque, but Mark also rewarded Danielle and all of the second and third graders with a pizza party!

Mark Breyer, Danielle Shafer, and Tim with her giant check!

Danielle Shafer, Rogers Ranch School

Danielle Shafer graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education. This is her 12th year teaching and she has never loved a job more than she does now. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and still has a lot of family that resides in the Boston area. Danielle is married with one daughter who attends the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Go Huskers! She also has two dogs, two cats, a guinea pig, and a large tortoise that her and her husband like to refer to as their mini farm.

How can you reward your favorite teacher? It’s simple!

All too often great teachers go unrecognized for the hard work and dedication they pour into the classroom. The Husband & Wife Law Team’s Teacher Appreciation Award aims to give credit where it is due, by rewarding one amazing teacher each month.

Mark and Alexis, successful attorneys and parents to 8 children, know the impact a great teacher makes. “I grew up seeing the importance of teachers in communities, and saw firsthand how they give so freely, so their students can thrive,” said Mark Breyer.

Anyone can nominate a deserving teacher online, by filling out an entry form at

The Husband & Wife Law Team: Mark and Alexis Breyer

Mark and Alexis Breyer have been practicing personal injury law in Arizona for over twenty years. They are continually featured in both local and national media outlets with colleagues, clients and community members recognizing them as the “The Best Law Firm” in Arizona. However, the couple’s proudest accomplishments are all of their client’s success stories. The Husband & Wife Law Team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to their clients by always going above and beyond. With 24/7 support staff available, The Husband and Wife Team is always here to help!

The Husband & Wife Law Team discuss Teacher Appreciation on Arizona Midday

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