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Injured By a Distracted Driver in Mesa? You Have Rights.

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, we understand the devastating consequences of accidents caused by distracted driving. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Mesa distracted driving accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced attorney to help you with your legal case. Our purpose is to provide information to individuals who have been in an accident caused by distracted driving. Contact our Mesa car accident lawyers today at (480) 944-9753 to schedule a free consultation.

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What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving occurs when a driver engages in an activity that takes their attention away from the road. This can include activities such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, adjusting the radio, or applying makeup. Distracted driving can lead to accidents because it impairs a driver’s ability to react to changing road conditions, increases the risk of a car crash, and can cause serious injuries. Distracted driving can be divided into three basic categories, these include:

  • Visual distractions: These are distractions that take a driver’s eyes off the road. Examples of visual distractions include looking at billboards, scenery, or pets in the car. Other examples are watching a video display, looking down at a mobile device, or applying makeup while driving.
  • Manual distractions: These are distractions that take a driver’s hands off the wheel. Examples of manual distractions include eating or drinking, adjusting the radio or climate control, or reaching for an object in the car.
  • Cognitive distractions: These are distractions that take a driver’s mind off the task of driving. Examples of cognitive distractions include talking on a mobile device, daydreaming, or trying to solve a problem in the mind while driving.

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Types of Accidents Caused By Distracted Driving

Common accidents associated with distracted driving include:

  • Rear-end collisions: This is the most common type of accident caused by distracted driving. When a driver is distracted, they may fail to notice that the car in front of them has stopped or slowed down, leading to a rear-end collision.
  • Side-swipe collisions: When a driver is distracted, they may drift out of their lane, leading to a side-swipe collision with another vehicle.
  • Head-on collisions: When a driver is distracted, they may cross the center line and collide with an oncoming vehicle, resulting in a head-on collision. These types of accidents can be particularly severe and often result in serious injuries or fatalities.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: When a driver is distracted, they may run off the road, hit a guardrail, or collide with a stationary object, resulting in a single-vehicle accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents: When a driver is distracted, they may fail to notice a pedestrian crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk, resulting in a pedestrian accident.

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What Types of Injuries are Common in Distracted Driving Accidents?

Distracted driving accidents can result in various types of injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to severe injuries that require hospitalization. Common injuries associated with distracted driving accidents:

  • Whiplash: This is a common injury that occurs when the head and neck are violently jolted back and forth, causing strain in the neck muscles. It can lead to stiffness, pain, and decreased range of motion.
  • Broken bones: Distracted driving accidents can cause broken bones, especially in the extremities like arms and legs. These injuries can be severe and require lengthy recovery time.
  • Head injuries: Head injuries are common in accidents, especially if the driver or passenger hits their head during a collision. This can lead to concussions, skull fractures, or even traumatic brain injuries that require long-term medical care.
  • Cuts and bruises: Distracted driving accidents can cause cuts, bruises, and abrasions that may require medical attention.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Severe accidents can lead to damage to the spinal cord, which can cause permanent paralysis or other disabilities.
  • Emotional distress: Distracted driving accidents can also lead to emotional distress, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Compensation for Damages

If you have been involved in an accident caused by distracted driving, you may be able to pursue compensation for the damages you incurred. These may include medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An experienced Mesa personal injury attorney can help you pursue fair compensation for your damages, including those that may not be immediately apparent such as emotional distress.

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How a Mesa Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Mesa distracted driving attorney can assist individuals involved in an accident by providing legal counsel, carrying out an investigation, and negotiating with insurance companies. An attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected, and negotiations are conducted to seek fair compensation for your damages.

Contact us today at (480) 944-9753 to schedule a free consultation and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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