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How Road Debris Contributes to Car Accidents in Mesa

Injured in a Crashed Due to Road Debris in Mesa?

Every day, news reports flood with car accidents and road hazards caused by debris on the road, including broken glass from previous crashes, nails, ladders, and even mattresses. But how do these types of debris contribute to car wrecks?

Here are some of the most common ways that roadway debris can cause serious collisions:

  • An item flies out of the bed of a truck or off of the top of a car and smashes into another vehicle.
  • A driver hits a large item in the road, like a ladder or a mattress and experiences a rollover, tire blowouts, or causes a collision with other motor vehicles.
  • A driver attempts to swerve around large debris in the roadway and crashes into vehicles in other lanes of travel.
  • A driver does not pay attention and runs over the debris and then impacts with another vehicle.
  • A driver is looking at their phone or texting and then looks up at the last minute and trying to avoid the debris causes a collision.

If you're involved in a car accident caused in part by roadway debris, you should reach out for help from skilled attorneys. The Mesa injury lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team would help your case by determining levels of fault for your injuries, including other motorists, the person who dropped the debris, if they're identifiable, and the department of transportation for not clearing the roadway. Contact now at (480) 944-9753 to discuss your accident.

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How to Prevent Car Accidents Caused by Road Debris

For drivers who are involved in serious Mesa car accidents caused by roadway debris, many times there is simply no way to avoid such an accident. Others who see debris on the roadways can do things to help prevent such car accidents. Also, drivers who cause such crashes should be held responsible for their actions and should know that there are certain actions that can prevent such crashes. Accidents can be prevented by the following:

  • Regular reporting and cleanup of roadway debris can help to ensure that items which don't belong on the road aren't on the road.
  • Drivers should be looking ahead of where they are driving and follow the speed to give themselves plenty of reaction time.
  • Drivers should avoid tailgating other vehicles, which can cause rear-end collisions when unexpected events occur.
  • Drivers should always be attentive to the roadway, not focusing on their phone, radio, emails, etc.

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What Mesa Car Accident Attorneys Can Do to Help

The Husband & Wife Law Team has an office located in Mesa, Arizona and we are here to help anyone who has been injured in a car accident. We would work out the details of a settlement that would pay for your vehicle repairs, medical services obtained, future medical bills, and other expenses and damages incurred after the collision.

Contact us at (480) 944-9753 for help in getting justice after your accident.

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