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Swimming pools offer a refreshing and fun relief from the hot sun, but beyond fun and games, pools can be the cause of serious accidents. Because of the presence of deep water, slick surfaces, and hard ground, swimming pools can be the site of serious and fatal injury accidents. While anyone can suffer injuries in a swimming pool accident, these incidents often have the worst effects on small children due to their size, susceptibility to injury, and inability to swim.

When such accidents occur, victims can hold those responsible, often those in charge of keeping such areas safe and maintained, for their injuries and losses. The Mesa accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team understand the heavy toll that these accidents can take on a victim and the need for fair and full compensation to recover and cope with one's losses.

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Common Causes of Pool Accidents

Whether lounging by the pool or having fun in it, if a pool area is poorly maintained or does not feature proper safety features, a relaxing day can suddenly turn tragic. Slip-and-falls, drowning, and head trauma are some of the most frequently seen accidents that occur in and around swimming pools. While a pool visitor's actions may result in such incidents occurring, these accidents are often caused by hazardous conditions due to a pool owner's negligence, recklessness, or oversight. Common causes of these accidents include:

  • Broken/Damaged Pavement: When the ground surrounding the pool is in disrepair, visitors may trip and fall, injuring themselves on the hard ground by falling into the water.
  • Lack of Warning/Markings: All pools need warnings so visitors can take proper safety precautions, and without depth markings on a pool, swimmers may not know how deep the pool is. As such, divers may strike the bottom of the pool, resulting in broken bones, head trauma, and possibly drowning.
  • No Safety Gates: Safety gates are meant to keep out those who should not be by the pool. This is especially relevant to little children who could fall in the pool if not being watched by someone. All pools should feature such safety measures and the owners of those that do not are liable for the accidents that result.
  • Dangerous Equipment Accidents: There are a variety of tools and other pieces of equipment meant for pool maintenance, but they are not meant to be used when others are in the pool. Pool-cleaning hoses may entangle and drown unsuspecting swimmers, pool covers can entrap and suffocate victims, and broken electrical equipment and pool lighting can cause electrocution.

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Legal Representation from a Top Mesa Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Swimming pool accidents can easily result in long-term injuries or even death for those involved, and it is often impossible to recover from such losses without proper compensation. Swimming pool accidents fall under the scope for premises liability law. Compensation can be found from the at-fault parties and insurance companies, but this search cannot be done without the aid of knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers.

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Mesa swimming pool accident lawyers understand the hardships and losses experienced by victims and are dedicated to helping them find the compensation they need for recovery. For more information on how we can apply our many years of experience to your claim, contact us at (480) 944-9753 today.

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