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Hurt in a Mesa Truck Collision? Contact The Husband & Wife Law Team

Large truck accidents by default are almost always catastrophic. The overwhelming size, weight and speed of these machines almost invariably will lead to severe results. At The Husband & Wife Law Team we have witnessed the devastation these types of wrecks can have on our clients and we are firmly committed to helping them obtain an equal amount of restitution from those who are responsible. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by a large truck accident in the Mesa area, we highly recommend calling our Mesa truck accident attorneys as soon as possible. The number is (480) 944-9753.

Please bear in mind – trucking companies are armed with a legion of lawyers and insurance adjustors whose sole job is to ensure you don't see a dime from a settlement. Their only concern is their bottom line no matter how much they may protest to the contrary. Do not believe them or their lackeys – they wish only for you to sign a low-ball agreement and lose all ability to challenge their number.

Before speaking to anyone – insurance adjustor, industry representative or company manager – call The Husband & Wife Law Team. We will provide the kind of representation you'll need. Contact our Mesa office today to set up your free consultation with a truck accident lawyer.

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I've Been in a Large Truck Accident - What Should I Do?

Unlike smaller car accidents, truck accidents have a significantly higher chance of causing severe injuries. Odds are you have already been treated by a medical professional or are still being cared for. In either case, you or a loved one will want to collect every medical record available and keep track of the various pieces of documentation that are presented. Not only will this help with billing later, it can also prove invaluable for a filed suit or settlement.

Truck collisions also tend to be fairly bigger in scope, with more vehicles and areas of the road involved. If you are able or have a willing family member, take as many photos and collect as much information as you can of the scene. Any photographic evidence you collect could be of great use later on; additionally, insurance adjustors and company representatives will attempt to contain or conceal as much of the scene as quickly as possible, so time is of the essence.

And as mentioned previously, you will want to avoid speaking directly with the trucking company or their insurance agency. Any evidence or help you provide them can and will be used against you in later settlement discussions It is vital that you only speak with a qualified Mesa personal injury attorney and let them handle the corporate hounds that will undoubtedly be at your heels for whatever scraps of information they can scrounge up.

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The Extent of Your Injuries

Depending on the severity of the crash you could be facing a night-stay in the local emergency room or a lifetime of pain and rehabilitation with various specialists throughout the country. In either case, the at-fault party – namely the truck driver and his or her parent company – must be held to the highest letter of the law. This can happen through an out-of-court settlement with the various insurance agencies and responsible companies or through a filed lawsuit with state courts. In the case of the courts, should a judge find in your favor, those responsible for the accident could be facing economic, non-economic and punitive damages to the tune of millions of dollars – should the accident warrant that size of award.

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The Time to Call a Mesa Truck Accident Lawyer is NOW

Truck accidents are no small affair. They involve multiple state and federal agencies, as well as numerous insurance companies, third party contractors and the trucking company themselves. If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident in Mesa, speaking with the experienced attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team is critical. The longer you wait, the more time the various agents and their handlers have time to build a case and deny your family a proper settlement.

We won't let that happen – but you must call now. For a free consultation contact our office at (480) 944-9753.

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