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Phoenix Motorcycle Lawyers Debut New Infographic about Biker Demographic

Award-winning motorcycle accident lawyers, Mark and Alexis Breyer set out to raise awareness about sharing the road with motorcycles, but their research has taken them where no road has lead anyone before.

The stereotypical, tattoo-dotted, leather toting, bandana wearing motorcycle rider is just that; a stereotype. Bikers are more than that - they are social activists, old and young, working moms and dads, and much more.

Mark and Alexis Breyer, who also are known as The Husband & Wife Law Team, wanted to put a spotlight on breaking that stereotype, and opening the public eye to a very involved, caring, and widespread community of bikers that many people don't realize exists.

"Each and every biker I've met while out in the community has shown more care and consideration for the fellow biker and the general public than many of even the friendliest people I've met elsewhere," Mark shared.

The Husband & Wife Law Team's research revealed a history of bikers in power as top CEOs of Apple, John Paul Mitchell, and Patron Tequila. They also found that bikers, on average, have an annual household income nearly $10,000 more than the average American, and have more money to spend on accessories and gear.

Bikers are Smarter and Happier

Perhaps the most eye-opening factoid that these Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers found was that riding motorcycles can make a person smarter. A study done by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima found that motorcycle riders scored higher on cognitive tests than car drivers. Bikers also were more satisfied with their lives - Most bikers will say, that comes as no surprise!

Helping Injured Bikers Throughout Phoenix

Mark and Alexis hope that their Infographic helps save motorcyclists' lives by increasing the number of people looking out for bikers on the road. All too often, drivers claim they "didn't see him," and turn in front of a biker or run them off the road, causing serious accidents. These injured bikers are the kinds of clients The Husband & Wife Law Team helps every day in Arizona.

"Our clients who have been injured on their motorcycles are always the most passionate people - not just about riding, but about life. Mark and I always say we wish we had their same vigor and bravery, because the bulk of them, if physically able, are back on that bike as soon as possible, even after a serious injury," Alexis chimed in.

Mark was recently selected to join the board of the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) to work with others in the community to alert more people to motorcycles and sharing the road.

In light of Bike Week coming to Arizona soon, there is no better time to remind drivers to share the road, and watch for motorcycles - don't meet by accident! Bikers are just like you.

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