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Motorcycle Riders at Increased Risk for Burn Injuries and Road Rash

When considering the consequences of being involved in a motorcycle crash, burn injuries are typically not on a person's mind. However, there is a surprisingly high risk of burn injuries faced by motorcycle riders who are involved in car accidents. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS), there is an average of almost 600 people admitted to the emergency room every year for injuries sustained in fires. This number does not include the number of motorcycle riders who sustain road burn injuries from their involvement in motorcycle collisions, though these injuries are just as severe and treated the same.

Reports indicate that motorcycle riders are four times more likely to sustain burn injuries in a motor vehicle collision than drivers of automobiles. Motorcycle riders and other burn injury victims typically incur nearly $1,700 or more in emergency room charges, according to statistics. Burn injury victims admitted to the hospital are reported to incur medical costs averaging around $205,000.

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How to Avoid Burn Injuries in a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident

Burns suffered in a motorcycle crash are frequently the result of three causes. First, road burn (also known as road rash) occurs when the riders skin comes in direct contact with the road while sliding across the ground during a crash. The rough pavement and high speeds will cause serious abrasions and possibly remove all three layers of skin at the contact points. Second, crashed motorcycles often leak gas, which can coat the road and rider and result in serious burns if ignited. Finally, since a crashed motorcycle is often seriously damage, the engine and other components may catch on fire or explode, burning anyone close by.

The easiest way to avoid burn injuries in a motorcycle accident is to try to avoid the accident all together. Of course, in most cases this is not possible and the motorcycle rider is not at fault for the incident. Motorcycle riders can try to avoid injury accidents by ensuring that they remain visible to motorists at all times and by following the posted speed limits. Motorcycle riders can consider wearing protective gear such as motorcycle glasses and a helmet. Although not required by law in Arizona, helmets may reduce head injuries and can help to eliminate burn regions on the head due to pavement contact.

Additionally, protective clothing, such as leather pants and a leather jacket worn while riding may help to protect the rider's body in the event of a collision. Even with all this protective gear, motorcycle riders are still often injured and even the best gear cannot prevent the injuries that are suffered in the worst motorcycle crashes.

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Get The Help of an Phoenix Motorcycle Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are a common occurrence in collisions throughout the state and those injured in these types of accidents can benefit from speaking to a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney right away. The Husband and Wife Law Team can help burn injury victims by negotiating down the high costs of burn center treatments and ensuring that the victim receives only the highest level of care available from specialized doctors and treatment centers. We work hard to make sure the crash evidence and eyewitness testimonies are all documented as soon as possible. When this evidence is lost, it can be harmful to the victim's claim. If you have suffered a burn injury in a motorcycle crash, call Phoenix injury lawyer Alexis and Mark Breyer at (602) 267-1280 today to talk about your case.

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