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Injured in Phoenix Because You Chose to Lay Down Your Motorcycle?

When motorcyclists lay down their bikes, it is in order to avoid a head-on collision that could cause even worse damage than the long skid across the road. Despite the fact that lay downs are meant to help protect the rider from catastrophic injuries, they don’t keep injuries from happening altogether. A motorcycle rider who is forced into a lay down by another driver or by an object in the road will likely be severely injured. If you have been involved in a laydown accident, then you are likely dealing with expensive medical bills and need help filing a claim.

As experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers, we receive many calls about crashes where the motorcyclist had to choose to lay down their motorcycle to avoid further serious injury. Often times, the insurance company will blame the rider for their own injuries because the rider chose to lay the bike down. It is the job of the injury lawyer to show that had the motorcyclist not laid the bike down, they would have been more seriously injured. An experienced lawyer should also be able to prove that the auto driver was at fault for the accident. We have seen this kind of accident time and time again, and we have become well-versed at helping motorcycle riders in need. If you have been injured in a Phoenix lay down accident, call our firm at (602) 457-6222.

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Are Lay Downs Useful?

There was once a time when common speculation said that laying down a motorcycle was the best possible way to keep an accident from happening. That is because motorcycles, even only ten years ago, lacked a lot of the technology that modern bikes have. For example, many new motorcycles have better brakes that allow the rider to stop quickly without stalling or being thrown off the bike. They also have balancing mechanisms, which allow riders to swerve more effectively.

At this point, it is generally understood that motorcycle operators should avoid laying down their bikes, even when trying to avoid an accident. There are often far better methods, such as braking or swerving, that can be utilized when a collision seems imminent. Sometimes, however, a lay down may seem like the only possible choice, especially when there is no room to turn and not enough time to properly brake.

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Lay Down Accidents and the Injuries They May Cause

A motorcycle operator will usually choose to lay down their bike in order to avoid a more serious collision with a fixed object or another vehicle. While a lay down can help prevent more serious injuries, lay downs can still result in catastrophic consequences. Common lay down injuries include:

When you lay down your bike, you and your bike will continue to skid across the road for several feet, often even more. The friction created between the road and your body is enough to eat away at road leathers, skin, and even bone, leading to catastrophic damage. The truth is, a lay down, even when completely necessary, will not keep you from becoming injured.

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Arizona State Motorcycle Law

In Arizona, when a motorcycle is on the road, the motorcyclist is allowed to use the full lane. No other vehicle should deprive the motorcycle of the lane that they are in. In a single lane, there should not be two motorcycles or other vehicles driving side by side. That means that if you are riding your motorcycle and a car suddenly pulls into your lane right next to you, and this forces you into a lay down, then that driver broke the law. This violation can lead to them being found liable for the injuries you sustained from the lay down.

There are many biases against motorcycle operators. There is a popular idea that people who ride motorcycles live life on the edge and deserve whatever consequences come their way as a result of their reckless behavior. That added to the fact that lay down accidents are often a choice that the motorcycle operator makes in order to avoid further injury, which means that many insurance adjusters may try to claim that your injuries were actually your fault. You should always remember, if the driver that forced you into a lay down was acting negligently, then you have a right to compensation. Even if you assume that you are at fault for the accident, giving your case details to your attorney may prove otherwise.

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Liability Issues in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are much smaller and more maneuverable than the average passenger vehicle. Someone on a motorcycle can swerve, lean, and turn far faster than someone in a car. However, that does not mean avoiding a collision is any easier when on a motorcycle. In fact, because motorcycles are open, without seatbelts or airbags, colliding with another vehicle can actually be far more dangerous when riding a motorcycle than in a car. That danger is precisely why car drivers need to always be aware of nearby motorcycles, as they could easily cause serious harm to a rider, especially if that rider has to go into a lay down.

While some drivers and insurance adjusters may try to pin the blame for an accident on the motorcycle rider, the truth is motorcycle operators are often at the mercy of everyone else on the road. This is especially true when it comes to forced lay downs. If a vehicle driver cuts off a motorcycle or does an illegal lane change, the motorcyclist may have no choice but to lay down his or her bike. While the driver may try to get out of liability by pointing out the fact that there was no actual collision, when it comes it lay down cases, that simply isn’t a justifiable excuse. In fact, the driver can be found at fault even if there is no impact with the motorcyclist. However, receiving proper compensation following a lay down accident may be difficult. That is why hiring an experienced attorney who can fight for you is key.

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When injured in a motorcycle accident, it is best to seek counsel from a professional Phoenix injury attorney who will be able to properly handle a case efficiently and smoothly. Hiring the right lawyer can be the difference between a successful settlement and no settlement at all. We have seen it before. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team today at (602) 457-6222 for a free consultation. We are here to answer all your questions.

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