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What Happens When You Are Injured in a Phoenix Accident Because You Chose to Lay Down Your Motorcycle?

As experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers, we receive many calls about crashes where the motorcyclist had to choose to lay down their motorcycle to avoid further serious injury. Often times, the insurance company will blame the rider for their own injuries because the rider chose to lay the bike down. It is the job of the injury lawyer to show that had the motorcyclist not laid the bike down, they would have been more seriously injured. Also, the lawyer will prove why the auto driver was at fault for the accident. We see this many times when it comes to auto drivers cutting off motorcyclists or doing an illegal lane change. This type of action when the vehicle driver is not paying attention causes the motorcyclist to have no choice but to lay down the bike.

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Arizona State Motorcycle Law

When a motorcycle is on the road, the motorcyclist is allowed to use the full lane. No other vehicle should deprive the motorcycle of the lane that they are in. In a single lane, there should not be two motorcycles or other vehicles driving side by side or that could drive side by side.

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Liability Issues in Motorcycle Accidents

The speed of a motorcycle is flexible and fast. Due to a motorcycle's smaller size, riders are able to more easily go in and out of traffic. Auto drivers need to pay attention to motorcycle riders. If a vehicle driver cuts off a motorcycle or does an illegal lane change, the motorcyclist may have no choice but to lay down his or her bike. When this happens, the auto driver can be found at fault even if there is no impact between the motorcycle rider and the vehicle driver.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, fatal motorcycle collisions accounted for 14% of all the deadly accidents in 2016; which is about 5,286 people who were killed. About 90,000 people were injured from motorcycle collisions in the previous year.

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