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The Hazards of Defective Motorcycles

Motorcycle and automobile recalls are issued with surprising frequency. Some of these affect minor slices of the industry and very specific models, but some recalls have also involved a significant number of products from major manufacturers like Yamaha and Harley-Davidson. Although many motorcycle riders lodge current information with the manufacturers of their bikes, it is all too common for a recall announcement to slip through the cracks and fail to find every rider. Cases such as these can quickly become dangerous if the recall in question is significant, as people could suffer catastrophic injuries or worse.

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Problems with Motorcycles

What kinds of issues can precipitate a motorcycle recall? Countless problems can plague a motorcycle that might not be a hazard for automobiles, as motorcycles use a far more open and exposed design. Recent recalls have seen issues such as leaking motor oil, broken pedals, compromised seals, and overheating parts in close proximity to skin. Any one of these can prove inconvenient in a pinch, but the serious problems arise when they become distracting or painful enough to cause an accident. If poor design or manufacturing standards have led to an injury, you could have a viable defective product lawsuit on your hands.

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File a Product Liability Claim

Understanding how such suits work is critical if you wan to settle successfully. Your injury lawyer in Phoenix will focus on issues such as negligence or strict liability for most product liability suits, which means proving the manufacturer had a duty to ensure your safety and failed, intentionally or not, at this duty. In the case of motorcycle recalls, you may be invited to join a class action suit against the manufacturer, adding your name to a pool of plaintiffs who will seek a collective resolution. Many recalls are issued long after injuries occur, however, and there is no reason to wait for a class action announcement before speaking to a personal injury attorney.

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Phoenix Recalled Motorcycle Attorneys Representing Clients Throughout Maricopa County

Breyer Law Offices, P.C. have been helping people injured by defective motorcycle parts since 1996, and today this firm offers better counsel and aggressive litigation. Major bike manufacturers are often reluctant to admit they may be responsible in a product liability suit, so it is important to work with skilled Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys who can assemble a preponderance of evidence on your side. To begin the process of recovering the full and fair settlement you deserve, call Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at (602) 457-6222.

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