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The Husband & Wife Law Team November 2016 Bicycle Newsletter

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Cyclovia Tucson

On Sunday October 30th, Living Streets Alliance hosted the semi-annual event Cyclovia in Tucson. This is a great community event encouraging people to get outdoors and ride a bike. The route was set up for 2.25 miles with a bingo card for riders to stop at various vendor spots and participate in an activity. The Husband & Wife Law Team participated in the event, handing out our bicycle books and educating bicycle riders on the law pertaining to riders.

The event had a great turnout. The Performance Bicycle store on Speedway was transformed into a party. There was a big presence from Tucson Police Dept and Look –Save a Life organization. New Belgium sponsored a beer garden and many vendors were selling products and giving away promotional items. The highlight was a zip line set up across the street. This is a great event to get people out doors being active.

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Trial of the Month: Mount Lemmon

Green Mountain is a very technical and fun ride up in the cool forest of Mt. Lemmon. Recent trail work has made this trail much more rideable than in previous years, but be warned, it still is quite technical and all riders will have to walk a few sections. Those without significant technical chops will have to walk even more. Some exposure, tight switchbacks, lots of rocks, roots and a good number of bone-jarring waterbars are better handled with longer-travel bikes, though it is certainly possible for hardtails. Armor is certainly recommended.

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Protected Bike Lanes Are So Important

Currently there are 320 protected bike lanes in 98 cities. Prior to 2011, there were only 78 protected bike lanes. Since last year, the number of protected bike lanes keep rising.

Protected bikes lanes are where a physical divider, which could be a curb, fence, planter, parked car or a physical post, are between the cyclists and a moving vehicle. Protected bike lanes allow for a safer environment for cyclists to ride. Not only are they safer for cyclists but they also serve to encourage more people to get out on their bike because it is a safer environment to ride.

There is currently 2 protected bike lanes in Tempe, Arizona and two in Tucson. Most other states have a significant amount of higher protected bike lanes than in Arizona which is surprising due to the climate of weather and avid bikers we have in Arizona. In a recent survey by Ian Dille, in detailing the 50 best bike cities, Tempe, Arizona was listed as #22 and Scottsdale as #48. Although Scottsdale does not have any protected bike lanes, they do have a buffered bike lane and they have a Tourism Bike Strategy to encourage visitors to bike around the downtown area. Tempe was highlighted for its Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG) and its Summer Solstice Ride as well as its increasing bike infrastructure that they are trying to make cycling more safe. Tucson ranked #23 and was highlighted for its paved paths and the 100-mile Loop trail network that rings the city as well as the 27 mile climb up Mount Lemmon.

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Speaking Of Cycling… the Future Is Here

A 60 Second Flat Tire Repair

In the growing world of bicycles, new technology is constantly gushing out of the industry. One of these recent inventions is called the PatchnRide. The creator of the tool explains it to be, “the world’s first permanent repair on the go for tubular or race tires”. This small, five inch device repairs your flat tires without ever having to take the tire off the bike. Fixing a flat will now be easier than ever!

PatchnRide will work on a range of bikes—from mountain bikes and road racers to commuters and pleasure riders. The device repairs your tire by inserting a rubber stopper into the 3mm tire hole. The process is easy. First, the rider locates the puncture with the patented Leak Detector. After removing debris from the area, fully insert the tool into the puncture hole and release the Air Seal Patch. Next, remove the tool and pump in some air. And voila! Your minutes-ago-flat tire is now repaired—you’re clear to keep riding.

Unfortunately, this product is only available for pre-order. But not to worry, the patchnride is expected to be released in early 2017. Currently, a $30 pre-order gets you 2 Patch Pods and 2 Leak Detectors.

To pre-order and view more information visit:

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Top 5 Monthly Firm News

  • Our team went to and supported project walk fundraiser, an organization dedicated to helping people walk again.
  • Mark was invited as a guest speaker at the brain injury alliance conference. this event is attended by medical professionals and more.
  • We held a free breakfast for veterans. the event was amazing with entertainment, mc, and mark speaking.
  • Mark was featured on channel 3 promoting safety.
  • We had our annual movie event where we showed elf. we had almost 300 rsvps. look for the event next year – free games, popcorn and movie.

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