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The Husband & Wife Law Team October 2016 Bicycle Newsletter

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Grid Bicycle Rental Program

Like Orlando and Tampa’s bike share programs, Phoenix followed suit and became the third city-wide bike share program managed by CycleHop-SoBi. In an effort to attract new businesses and employees, officials are hoping to make Phoenix a multi-modal (light rail, walkable and bike friendly) city.

The Grid Bike share system registered 2,250 members who took an estimated 11,000 trips, covering 14,075 miles on bright green bicycles during its first 3 months of operation. The program launched in November 2014 with 100 bicycles at 27 bike share stations, the bike fleet has since more than tripled.

The bikes are set up with technology that tracks time and miles travelled as well as monitors calories burned, carbon offset and gas savings. So far, it is estimated that the system has helped offset an estimated 11,700 pounds of carbon.

Grid Bikes uses an app to register as a member, reserve a bicycle, and choose your fare options. The system also allows for a coffee stop during the ride. The app shows the different stations and how many bicycles are available at each station. Many of the stations have nearby parking lots for those who want to park and ride.

Bicycles and stations also offer advertising opportunities for local business and corporations. The website gives riding tips, discounts on helmets and other useful information like rules and planning a safe route.

City officials declare the program a success and statistics have reinforced what was expected when the program started. Phoenix has signed a 3-year contract with this three-team host of companies; CycleHop operates the software systems, Social Bicycle provides the bicycles and SandVault installs the station kiosks.

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As any dedicated bicycle commuter will tell you, it’s important to let motorists know when and in which direction you’re turning. But at night, it can be challenging for drivers to always see your hand signals. Using illuminated gloves is one solution, but British start-up Cycl is now offering LED turn indicators that attach magnetically to the ends of your handlebars.

This set of direction indicators even works in poor light and rainy weather conditions. When you fit them to the ends of your bicycle handlebars, the WingLights will provide clear visibility on the road by using high visibility LEDs. You won’t have to remove your hands from the grips anymore. The innovative magnetic fixing will allow you to easily snap them on and off too. Just tap to turn it on and another tap to turn it back off. Brilliantly designed into a carry-away key ring once removed.

If you are interested in buying some WingLights for yourself, they can be ordered from for $50 a pair.

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Featured Bike Shop of the Month: The Velo

The Velo (French for bicycle) is a downtown Phoenix spot for bikes and coffee. Downtown Phoenix is filled with bike lanes, but seems to be lacking bike shops.

The shop is in the “Arts District” of downtown off Garfield and 2nd street in a renovated house. Since the shop is a block away from Roosevelt Row, it also appeals to the local art community. The owner, Jason Boles has local artists display their art and he doesn’t take a percentage when a piece on display is purchased.

Velo is a full service bicycle shop serving coffee, making repairs and selling a variety of bicycle brands. The shop attracts ASU students, commuters, and cycling enthusiasts.

ASU has a Bike Co-op within the Sun Devil Fitness Complex where students can get free bicycle maintenance and discounted parts. However, they are not trained bike mechanics there; so for repairs beyond their scope, Velo is right around the corner.

Since Phoenix has launched the Grid Bike sharing program, Boles does not want to take away from the rental bike customer, so rentals are not part of Velo. His mission is to be a good community partner and make money.

Velo hosts Sunday morning group rides and participates in First Fridays. The team at Velo likes being part of the downtown community and the ability to provide a different experience to its customers.

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Bicycle Events


When: Sunday, October 30th
Where: Miramonte to The Garden District

El Tour De Tucson

When: Saturday, November 19th
Where: Armory Park
221 S. 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ

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