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The Husband & Wife Law Team October 2016 Motorcycle Newsletter

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Rider Events

Fall is the time of year where here in the valley the heat starts breaking and we start seeing more motorcycles on the road. Just outside of town, another great place for riding and great weather is Cottonwood, the host of the annual Thunder Valley Rally.

This year was no exception; lots to do, lots to see and lots to partake in. The concert lineup for the two days included: Molly Hatchet, Lane Change, Christopher Robin Band, Whiskey Rodeo, Foghat, Broken Toys, 74th Street Band and Mogollon.

What makes this event so great? It is only $10.00 for motorcycle parking, which includes admission to the concert and if you don’t have a bike then it’s just $5.00. What a great way to enjoy an evening full of entertainment!

The poker run was enjoyed by many as well as some of the local attractions. Vendors set up around Main Street and the place was packed with people and bikes. Main Street was lined up with restaurants and bars so visitors could walk from one place to another and enjoy the local flavors. Mark your calendar next year for this event!

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Top 5

  1. Coming in for your final check is always the best part of the injury claim experience. This client was planning a big trip to celebrate feeling better and the victory of a winning settlement. He asked for some of our promotional items so we sent him off with two Husband & Wife Law Team mugs, two tote boxes and more. We were happy to see him leave with a huge smile on his face! We have some great koozies, if you want one, email:
  2. Injury claims are never open and shut cases. Many people think if someone takes a left hand turn in front of you that the insurance company will accept 100% fault. Under Arizona law, we have what is called, “pure comparative fault” which means the insurance company can try to blame our client for anything to reduce the fault percentage. We had a client call us after a year had passed from the accident. We were successful at getting the insurance company to drop their claim of some fault on our client, followed by a reasonable offer, and a happy client. This is important as most motorcycle accidents are from left hand turns.
  3. We hosted another Motorcycle Safety Course. This time it took place at the Scottsdale Harley Davidson. Most of the participants were from a HOG Chapter and many are part of the Drill Team. Mark did a special video for this event on the Bystander’s Rule in Arizona. If you would like to see the video about your legal liability when you go to help someone at the scene of an accident, email:
  4. Stay tuned... We are working on our first podcast episode! We will have more info in our next newsletter. We have been approached many times to do a reality show and always said no, but thought a podcast would be fun and informative. We hope it will be a podcast you learn from and share with your friends.
  5. Many of our employees eat lunch together and during one lunch, two of our employees decided our law team should have a pie baking contest. We had 14 entries and the contest was a hit. Alexis and Mark made a mint chocolate/oreo mint cookie ice cream pie and a rice krispies chocolate pie. Many of you know Rosi who attends all our motorcycle safety events... Rosi’s chocolate cream pie took home first place, but she refuses to share her secret recipe!

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Shiny Side Up: Want to Tech up Your Ride? has what you need to hook up an onboard camera, smart-phone or GPS to your ride! A local business owned by former MCSO Lieutenant, Roy Reyer is bringing a whole new meaning to “mounting” your ride.

After viewing an unfortunate YouTube clip where a motorcycle rider’s phone went flying onto the pavement while using a different aftermarket phone bracket, Reyer reached out to the man and sent him out a free product. Reyer said, “He loves it!”

The Tech Gripper is a heavy duty assembly which can be used to mount cameras and other devices to various parts of your motorcycle.

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Legal Rumbles: Know Your Responsibilities

The Arizona Department of Transportation states that an, “accident” implies an unforeseen event that occurs without fault or negligence. In traffic, that is usually not the case. In fact, most collisions apply responsibility for what takes place in an accident on the part of one or more participant.

Consider a situation where someone decides to drive through an intersection on a yellow light turning red. Your light turns green. You pull into the intersection without checking for possible traffic. That is all it takes for the two of you to crash. It was the driver’s responsibility to stop, and it was your responsibility to look before pulling out. Both of you may later be found to have shared responsibility.

In Arizona, while more than one person may have some responsibility it is often the case that one party may have a greater percentage of negligence than another.

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Bar of the Month: Connolly's

This month we are featuring Connolly’s Sports Grill in North Phoenix.  Since it’s football season here, we can tell you this is a great place to be!

Connolly’s Sports Grill is situated just off of I-17 and Carefree Highway. This is a great spot if you are around town, headed out of town, or coming back from a ride up north. Connolly’s is known for having the best burgers!

They are open Saturday and Sundays for breakfast. They feature draft beer specials, HD TV’s, and are home to Chargers, Cardinals, and Huskers fans.

Connolly’s promotes their “Thirsty Thursday” rides that begin at sundown. So if you get a chance, join the other riders for a Thursday night ride.  Another cool feature is their garage doors that completely transform the patio into an outdoor sports grill, a perfect spot for UFC fight nights. Call ahead to reserve your seats.

Check them out… whether it’s for a great burger, a ride with friends or to watch a football game. Let them know you were recommended by The Husband & Wife Law Team.

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Bike Events

3rd Annual Shake Rattle & Roll

November 5 @ 9:00 AM
Lunch, people games and a HUGE raffle!
Location: Desert Wind Harley-Davidson - 922 S Country Club Drive, Mesa, Arizona, 85210
More Information:

Ride for Ryan House

November 19 @ 9:30 AM
Ride for Ryan House will be starting at the Ryan House located at 110 W. Merrell Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85013. Hit the open road with The Breathe Life Riders and Ryan House!

Motorcycle Swap Meet at RamJets

November 27 @ 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Motorcycle Swap Meet at RamJets - 13207 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix. 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.  (setup at 7:00 A.M.) Used parts only.

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