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The Husband & Wife Law Team September 2016 Motorcycle Newsletter

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Shop of the Month: Iron Horse Corral

It all started with Nathan’s first Harley-Davidson, a 1979 Shovelhead. After riding it for a few months, he noticed that it wasn’t as fast and didn’t look as good as the newer ones. The bike also had a few leaks, so instead of patching it up, Nathan decided to completely rebuild the bike from the ground up. Satisfied with his efforts, Nathan entered his bike into a few custom bike shows.

Iron Horse CorralAs a result, with big motors raging all around him, Nathan ended up winning every show he entered his bike into. It didn’t take long before all of his friends and their friends started bringing their bikes to him for upgrades. So began Iron Horse Corral.

Being native to Arizona, Nathan loves the “Cowboy and Horse” image, which is where the “Iron Horse Corral” name came from. His stellar reputation in the industry is derived from treating every bike as his own. “I know I can’t make everyone happy… but we do the best we can for every customer and that seems to work pretty well.”

“Building bikes from the ground up is rewarding…” It was fascinating to hear Nathan talk about Iron Horse Corral and their ability to repair and upgrade the performance of the V-twins of yesterday and today. This year, they won best of show at Westgate, 3rd place at WestWorld of Scottsdale, and 1st place in Laughlin. “But the best part… was riding the bike.” says Nathan.

And of course…behind this successful man, there’s a woman. Nathan and Sandy have been married for 29 years. They have raised three beautiful daughters and are certainly a family and friends first type of shop. Sandy helps with book keeping, phones, events and runs her Iron Maiden Boutique out of the same location. Stop by Iron Horse Corral and when you see Nathan and Sandy, tell them The Husband & Wife Law Team, say hello!

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What does it mean to be part of a HOG chapter?

Tuscan HOG ChapterAsk Phil and Connie Coons. They are part of the Tucson HOG Chapter, where Phil is the director and Connie is right at his side, helping, organizing, and volunteering her time wherever possible. She welcomes everyone with a warm hug and makes sure they feel like they are part of the family. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time visiting or have been a long time member, Connie really knows how to make you feel welcome.

Phil and Connie have been such a part of their HOG community that when Connie was ill, her HOG family stepped up to help them. Connie suffers from an inherited disease called Alport Syndrome. This disease affected her hearing, sight and kidney function. In the fall of 2015, Connie started feeling tired all the time, falling asleep in her car during her lunch hour at work and then as soon as she got home she would want to sleep more. Over the winter months it got worse. In February, Connie showed up at work not feeling well and was rushed to the emergency room where she was told that her kidneys were failing. During the next few weeks of missing work, worrying about medical insurance, looming bills and no ability to return to work, she had to start dialysis. Phil and Connie’s world was spinning.

Thankfully, their HOG family showed up at the hospital visiting regularly, giving support and making sure Phil and Connie had dinners each day. During this difficult time, their HOG family started planning a fundraiser in their honor, a spaghetti dinner. The ladies cooked pastas, sauces and baked rolls. They organized for many local businesses to donate raffle items for a silent auction where patrons paid $10 at the door. Through everyone’s efforts, the chapter raised a little over $5,000 to help Connie and Phil get back on their feet and help with medical expenses. They set up a GoFundMe account and during HOG meetings the chapter is still collecting funds to help them.

Connie has been on dialysis for a few months now and is on a waiting list to receive a kidney transplant. Working with her transplant coordinator, a social worker, and her nephrologist, she has been going through testing, insurance approvals, and trying to find a donor. Thankfully, many of her friends and chapter members have volunteered their kidney, a true testament to the meaning of family. Connie is now in the process of waiting on insurance approvals and testing her potential donors to find a match so that they may proceed forward with the transplant. It’s still a long road ahead and Connie still has a smile on her face.

After learning about Phil and Connie and who they are, we thought we would share their love story as well, because it’s that good!!! Connie and Phil met during middle school in Colorado. They dated in their 8th, 9th, and 10th grade years. Both of their fathers worked for IBM, Connie’s dad transferred to AZ in 1978 and Connie was forced to leave Phil behind. Phil hitchhiked to AZ to be with her, but being a teen, Connie decided to move on, Phil was crushed!! Fast forward to 2007, Connie was single, and her first love was always on the back of her mind, she decided to go online and try to find Phil, using When she found his name, she wasn’t sure if it was him because Phil was living in Kansas back then. Hopeful, Connie sent a message and after 3 months, Phil responded. They emailed and spoke on the phone. After a few weeks, Phil came to AZ to visit and after only a week more they decided to make the move.

In November 2007, Connie flew to Kansas and drove back with Phil to AZ. They were married shortly after. Both Phil and Connie ride, though Connie has had to take a little break from riding, they are each other’s best friend. If you are riding to Tucson sometime, try to visit their chapter, you will have new friends immediately.

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Top 5

  1. The Husband & Wife Law Team is the official sponsors of the Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale Drill Team. Check out their amazing riding routines at upcoming events.
  2. Our ASMI event last month was a super success. ASMI is a motorcycle safety class that offers people real life skills to help motorcyclists who are hurt in a crash. We hold these events at our office and serve a complimentary lunch. It’s all about protecting motorcyclists with skill levels ranging from beginners’ classes to advanced.
  3. Mark was asked to speak at a seminar on advanced laws when it comes to handling injury claims. He was also asked to speak at a conference regarding brain injuries. We are excited for him to share his knowledge.
  4. Many health insurance companies are able to demand reimbursement for their medical bills. We were able to convince one plan to completely waive their right to this. It doesn’t always happen this way, but there are ways for us to argue depending on the individual’s plan.
  5. We suggest you insure your motorcycle and automobiles with separate insurance companies. If your policies are with the same company, the adjuster likely will say that you can only use the underinsured coverage of one of your policies. We recently had a huge success in convincing the insurance adjuster to tender the underinsured on both policies even though they were with the same company but the way most insurance contracts are written this almost never happens.

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Legal Rumbles: Class M Licenses For Teens

That if a teenager between sixteen and eighteen years of age applies for a class M license or a motorcycle endorsement that the issuing department will not issue the class M license or motorcycle endorsement to the person unless both of the following apply:

1. The applicant has held an instruction permit for at least six months or license issued by another jurisdiction.

2. Either: (a) The person has satisfactorily completed an approved motorcycle driver education program.

(b) A custodial parent or guardian of the person certifies in writing to the department that the applicant has completed at least thirty hours of motorcycle driving practice.

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