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Vote No On Prop 115

Having opened our practice in 1996, we have stood in many Arizona court rooms for our clients. We have been so successful, in part, because the judicial branch is free of politics.

Judges have been selected by an independent commission based on a merit system since 1974, a model widely used across the nation. The commission, which has been made up of members of the Republican, Democratic, and Independent parties, submits the most qualified applicant names to the Governor, who makes the final selection.

Proposition 115 endangers this valued process. It would limit the independent commission and allow Arizona’s governor to almost single-handedly select judges, allowing for special interests to potentially infiltrate our justice system.

You may think this proposition would be detrimental to our profession as personal injury lawyers and that is why we oppose it. That is not true. The people we fight against in trial in case after case, the lawyers who represent insurance companies looking to deny our injured clients their compensation, also oppose Prop 115.

And it is not just the lawyers that hate the politicians’ attempt get their hands on judges. Many of the retired Arizona Supreme Court Justices, including some Chief Justices, oppose Prop 115.

So this is not a plea for our own livelihood. This is a plea for all Arizonans who want Judges who are not influenced by politicians, tied to politicians, or who make decisions based upon the fear or influence of politicians. Vote NO on Prop 115.

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