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Elder Emotional Abuse in Phoenix Can Change the Life of Your Loved One

You probably have never imagined that elder abuse could happen to you or to someone you love. After all, who would abuse the special trust and relationship that comes with providing care to the elderly? In your mind, no one would ever do such a thing. And rightly so. We're conditioned to see the good in people, and it's natural to want injuries to be the result of someone's mistakes, and not their will. Unfortunately, there are some people who forget the oath they take to provide care and support to the elderly, and instead cause them physical and emotional harm.

The most difficult type of abuse to understand when it comes to elder care is emotional abuse. You can't see emotional abuse and it's difficult to prove because there are so often very few physical symptoms until it is too late. There are many different ways in which someone could perpetrate emotional abuse against the elderly, including:

  • Humiliation tactics that make the victim feel badly and want to hide what's going on so they don't have to be embarrassed.
  • Intimidation tactics that make the victim worry about what might happen to them.
  • Threatening behaviors that exhibit physical violence that doesn't cause physical harm to the victim, like breaking objects of financial or emotional worth that belong to the victim, or even hitting the wall.
  • Controlling behaviors that include withholding food or water to get a desired response, but not for long enough to do immediate physical harm.
  • Insulting behaviors that are meant to belittle the victim and to slowly make them feel badly about themselves and believe that they are not worth saving.

To discuss your elder emotional abuse claim with a dedicated Phoenix attorney, call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222.

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Signs of Elder Emotional Abuse That You Must Watch Out For

While it's difficult to imagine elder emotional abuse being a real thing, it is very real, and is very detrimental to the victims. It's also preventable and stoppable. Watching out for these signs and symptoms can help you pinpoint the possibility of emotional abuse in the early stages, and ensure that your loved one, or you, get help and get safe.

  • Withdrawal from family or activities that they once enjoyed
  • Depression, especially extreme depression
  • Not eating, drinking, or engaging in proper hygiene
  • Refusing to talk about what is going on
  • Changes in behavior towards others, such as going from pleasant to abusive in speech and actions

If you notice any of these signs, it's okay to seek help from a doctor, the police, or Adult Protective Services. If you determine that your loved one has indeed been the victim of elder emotional abuse, you can also contact a skilled Phoenix elder emotional abuse attorney.

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How a Phoenix Elder Abuse Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you think about personal injury lawsuits, you probably focus on physical injuries, but emotional injuries can be just as devastating to the victim. Law enforcement can help you put a stop to emotional abuse, and so can doctors and Adult Services, but a Phoenix personal injury lawyer with a background in handling emotional abuse cases can help you continue to hold the abuser responsible.

Victims of emotional abuse often need significant medical and psychological care, and may even need to relocate to a new home in order to get safe permanently, and to feel safe. A skilled Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney can help you build a case that seeks damages from the abuser to cover these costs and help make life normal and comfortable again. If you need help recovering from elder emotional abuse, or you know someone who does, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 for a free consultation now.

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