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Phoenix Nursing Home Bed Transfer Injury Attorneys

Bed Transfer Injuries and Lifting Injuries in Phoenix

Many nursing home residents have ambulatory issues that interfere with their ability to move independently. As a result, staff may need to perform lifts and transfers for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • Transferring residents from a bed to a wheelchair
  • Sitting residents up in bed
  • Helping residents to the restroom or dining area
  • Helping residents in and out of the bathtub or shower

Phoenix nursing home injury lawyers know firsthand just how severe lift and transfer injuries can be, and they can help if you suspect a lift or transfer harmed your loved one.

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The Importance of Having Appropriate Equipment and Properly Trained Staff

Reputable nursing home facilities have mechanical lifts and other types of equipment to help staff perform lifts and transfers in a safe manner that will not harm residents. Staff members also receive training on the proper method for lifts and transfers. Unfortunately, in understaffed nursing homes, nurses and other care providers do not always follow protocol. All too often, nursing home injuries are the result. If a staff member pulls a resident from a chair by the arm, for instance, bruising and joint dislocation may occur. Pushing on a resident’s back to encourage him or her to sit up or move faster can also cause injury. If a resident falls or staff members drop him or her during a transfer, a fracture to one or several bones may result.

Sadly, bed transfer injuries need not happen if staff members perform lifts and transfers carefully, avoid rushing, use proper equipment and ensure they have adequate assistance to complete lifts and transfers in a safe manner.

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