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If you or someone you know rides bikes for fitness, transportation, or simply as an enthusiast, we're betting you know exactly how dangerous conditions can get on the streets of Peoria and throughout the state. Many drivers pay almost no attention at all to riders who have every right to share the roadway. However, there's another tricky part to filing a claim that some Peoria personal injury lawyers may not share: the fact that the same motorists who fail to notice bicyclists could be jurors in any personal injury case that goes to trial regarding a bicycle injury.

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Legal Help for Injured Riders in Peoria

This unfortunate reality creates a challenge for injured cyclists. It's no easy task to overcome the bias against bike riders when developing a case. Therefore, it is not wise to hire the lawyer down the street just because he or she does a little bit of personal injury, little bit of wills and trusts, a little bit of divorce and has a little legal expertise in a lot of areas. Instead, it is important to find an attorney who will build the case as solidly as possible to contend with the inherent prejudice that bicyclists face.

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How Do I Find an Accomplished Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Peoria?

It may seem unconventional for us to discuss the public perception of bicyclists in a discussion about hiring a top bike accident lawyer in Peoria. We could just point out that bicyclists have the same right to share the road as anybody else. We could mention that people take advantage of the fact that they are in vehicles and cause or nearly cause serious injuries to bicyclists on a daily basis, and that seriously injured cyclists should vigorously pursue their claims to receive full compensation from careless drivers who cause injury. Every word of these statements is completely true.

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Call a Peoria Bike Accident Lawyer at The Husband & Wife Law Team

Anyone who has been seriously injured is entitled to know the truth. Riders who are injured in bike accidents should receive full and fair compensation. They should be compensated for every dollar of their medical bills, every dollar of the money that has been lost from missed work, and every dollar for future treatment. They should be reimbursed for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, the inability to engage in normal everyday activities, and, for that matter, every other legally compensable claim. They have a right to be repaid, but at the same time they ought to know the truth about the fact that these cases are not easy to win. They should speak with an experienced lawyer who will be straightforward and honest and do everything possible to build a Peoria bicycle accident case to its strongest point to ensure a fair recovery. Call our law firm at (623) 930-8064 to discuss your injury claim.

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