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Child Injuries in Peoria: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family

Children are susceptible to all of the same injury accidents that adults may be afflicted with; however, the chance for injury is much greater. For the children of Peoria, suffering from an injury accident, such as a dog attack or a swimming pool accident, not only produces serious trauma, but may lead to disabilities and other losses that last well into adult life. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, we have seen firsthand the devastation a child injury accident can have, not only on the life of a victim, but on the well-being of an entire family. Parents and children alike have rights under Arizona law and deserve to have those rights protected and have the parties who caused their losses held responsible.

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What Are Your Child’s Rights After an Injury in Peoria?

Everyone younger than age 18 in Arizona is considered to be a minor; therefore, their personal injury claims must be brought forward by a parent or guardian. Additionally, these injuries must be proven to have not resulted from the actions of the child or the filing adult. While the regulations surrounding these cases and the handling of compensation are somewhat different than those for adult personal injury cases, the benefits that are found through such claims will still be applied to all past and future costs, needed medical care, and all other related losses. Additionally, emotional distress and all other pain and suffering for both children and parents can be sought.

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Pursuing Compensation for an Injured Child

While children can be injured in a variety of accidents and due to the actions of many different people, many at-fault parties and their insurance companies will attempt to shift the blame of the accident onto parents or guardians. A common defense against personal injury claims is that the injuries were suffered due to the negligent care of the parent. For example, parties may claim that when a child is hit by a vehicle, it was caused by the poor supervision of the parent rather than his or her negligent driving. And while many insurance companies will attempt to lessen compensation for children by claiming that child injuries are common, this does not make the nature of the losses any less serious.

During your injury claim for your child, it is important to illustrate both fault and the scope of injuries sustained in the accident. Above all, testimonies, video, photos, police records, and other forms of evidence will prove that the accident was due to the actions of the responsible party and was out of the control of the parent or guardian. Before agreeing to any terms with insurance companies or providing statements concerning a claim, it is important to consult with a Peoria personal injury attorney to understand your rights and the guidelines of a claim and also with a doctor to fully understand the trauma suffered and correctly predict any future damage.

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The Husband & Wife Law Team Protects Your Children's Rights

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Peoria child injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of families and helping children recover from their injuries and have the resources they need to deal with long-lasting disabilities. Having a child injured is a stressful and traumatic incident for children and parents alike, but through the aid of The Husband & Wife Law Team you can focus on your child's recovery while our attorneys deal with insurance companies and the pursuit of compensation. For more information and a free consultation on your case, contact our offices at (623) 930-8064.

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