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Legal Representation After a Peoria Construction Site Injury

Most construction workers understand the inherent danger of their jobs, but that doesn’t make the injuries they suffer in accidents any less serious or less worthy of workers' compensation. While the damages suffered in construction accidents are frequently catastrophic, the benefits provided by workers' compensation insurance can provide victims with the opportunity to recover to the best of their abilities.

As such, the Peoria construction worker injury lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team believe every worker should understand the trials they may face in seeking compensation. Through dedicated legal representation, the opposition by insurance companies can be overcome.

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Are Your Construction Accident Injuries Worthy of Benefits?

The guidelines surrounding injuries that are eligible for workers' compensation benefits can be confusing for victims as they are different from personal injury claims. Unlike personal injury claims, workplace injury accidents do not need to be the direct result of another party’s actions. Rather, they only need to have taken place during work and as a result of the actions taken within one’s job duties. For construction workers, there are a wide variety of accidents and injuries that may occur, all depending on the duties of the worker and hazards present at the construction site.

The benefits received will pay for medical bills, disability, time away from work while healing, rehabilitation, and any training needed should the injuries suffered prevent the worker from being able to perform his or her previous duties. However, all injuries that occur while off the clock or in the course of actions that are not part of one’s duties are not covered by workers' compensation insurance.

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What Opposition Will You Face in Your Claim?

On-the-job injuries at Peoria construction sites are often not the fault of any one person, but rather the dangerous nature of the job. Because of this, obstacles in your search for workers' compensation benefits will not be caused by an at-fault party, but rather the insurance companies who must pay for your losses. Insurance providers understand the dangers of construction accidents and the serious nature of many of the injuries suffered. However, companies and the attorneys that represent them still attempt to minimize the amount of compensation paid out to injured workers in order to maximize their profits.

When bringing a claim to insurance companies, it is important to have documentation proving that your accident occurred during and within the confines of work. Additionally, medical diagnosis and records are incredibly important in demonstrating the scope of your injuries, the cost of treatment, any future medical care that will be needed, and the amount of time that was missed/will be missed from work. These documents, along with experienced legal representation, will help to get you the proper amount of compensation for all losses.

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Finding Help in the Search for Workers' Compensation

While all workers are entitled to compensation for their injuries and related losses caused by an accident while on-the-job, the search can be unexpectedly difficult without proper legal aid. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Peoria injury attorneys aim to provide that aid to all our clients. With the skills and experience cultivated from years of courtroom success, we can give you the chance to prove the legitimacy of your claim in order to recover properly from your losses. For a consultation on your case, contact us today at (623) 930-8064.

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