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Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries in Peoria

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous crashes that can happen on any road. The size and weight of a big rig alone poses a greater danger than most other vehicles, and in the occurrence of a crash, serious injuries and fatalities are unfortunately common. Those who suffer the most in these accidents are usually those outside of the tractor trailer, even though they are rarely the cause.

While compensation for all losses can be sought by an injured victim or the loved ones of the deceased, the search is frequently difficult. Trucking companies and their insurance providers seek to build a case against victims and minimize the claims being sought. But there is hope, and experienced legal counsel can give victims’ claims the representation they need in order to prove fault and be given needed compensation. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Peoria traffic accident lawyers work to make clients’ claims a success so that they can recover to the best of their abilities free from financial consequences.

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Who Is at Fault for Your Truck Crash?

For innocent victims of Peoria big rig crashes, the aftermath of an accident can be both confusing and frightening as they deal with their injuries and losses. In this time, the reasons behind the crash can be unclear, but it is important for victims to not only begin their recovery but search for the true cause of the crash, which can be made possible with the aid of a tractor trailer accident lawyer.

But who might be at fault for the accident and your subsequent injuries? It all depends on the cause of the crash.

Truck Drivers and Companies

Semi trucks require skilled and experienced handling in order to be driven safely. While commercial truck drivers need licensing and training before they are allowed behind the wheel, they can still easily make mistakes that result in a crash. Additionally, intentional violation of the law, such as driving while drunk or operating their vehicles beyond the limits imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), can lead to accidents. If this is the case for your crash, you can hold the driver and his or her trucking company liable for your damages.

Big Rig Defects

Not all truck accidents are the result of driver error. Failed or malfunctioning truck components can easily lead to an accident, especially catastrophic ones such as jackknifing or runaway trailers. If this is due to defects in design or manufacturing, the manufacturers of the part or vehicle can be held responsible, but if it is due to poor maintenance, it may be the trucking company’s fault.

Unsafe Roads

Finally, dangerous roads often lead to tractor trailer accidents, and the government organizations responsible for the design and maintenance of these roads may be held liable if the accident was a direct result of the unsafe road. Broken pavement, pot holes, and debris can all cause a driver to lose control, while poor design may make the simple act of using the road a serious risk.

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Peoria Lawyers Making Your Truck Accident Claim a Success

Trucking companies and their legal representatives can be an intimidating force, which is exactly how they want you to view them. The Peoria accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team are not intimidated by the actions or words of their opponents and are committed to finding the compensation victims need to recover from the losses inflicted by other parties. For more information on how Mark and Alexis Breyer can aid you in your case, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (623) 930-8064.

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