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Serious Injuries Can Leave You Paralyzed

spinal x-ray Back and neck injuries are some of the most serious injuries you can sustain. Because both areas quite literally represent the nerve center of your body, an injury to either region can result in a host of health issues down the road. At the very least you can expect significant pain that may last for weeks or months; at their worst, such injuries can leave you paralyzed. That's why it is important to get in touch with an experienced Arizona injury attorney at The Husband and Wife Law Team sooner rather than later if you want to recover the extraordinary costs of a back or neck injury.

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What Are Common Causes of Back and Neck Injuries?

Back and neck injuries can occur for any number of reasons, but the most common by far is car accidents. When you consider the many tons of steel in motion and the devastating forces involved, it makes sense that a serious crash would leave drivers and passengers with life-changing injuries. Cervical spine injuries can result in quadriplegia, for instance, and several types of paralysis may result from damaged nerves and vertebrae in the spine. In a major crash, your productivity and emotional life could suffer a permanent blow in a matter of milliseconds, making it essential to act in your defense.

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Why Should I Hire a Phoenix Back and Neck Injury Attorney?

What can a good Phoenix personal injury lawyer do to help you recover your expenses? Filing and winning a compelling personal injury lawsuit involves several steps, but one of the most important is the assembly of evidence. Be sure you have recorded all the information you can at the scene of the accident, including gathering the names of witnesses and responding peace officers. From there, your attorney will work with forensic and medical specialists to determine what happened and why. If another party or parties is responsible for your injuries, that is where the litigation will focus.

We have been representing the victims of whiplash and other back and neck injuries since 1996, and today this firm stands at the forefront of an accomplished legal community. With the highest peer review by Martindale-Hubbel and a 10/10 rating from the well-regarded Lawyer Rating Service, this is a firm whose record of success is unsurpassed in the region. If you are facing lifelong expenses and an abusive insurance offer, call (602) 457-6222 or CLICK HERE to submit a Simple Case Form.

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