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Broken bones are some of the most frustrating injuries you can experience. While these injuries may not completely incapacitate you, they can greatly limit your mobility, your range of motion, and your ability to do the things that you love to do. These injuries can also interfere with your ability to work, and when this occurs, it can turn your world upside down.

Sadly, many breaks are caused by negligent individuals who are responsible for auto collisions, dog attacks, and slip-and-falls. If your fracture was caused by such an individual, then you deserve fair compensation. For more information recovering damages after a bone break in an accident, please call a Phoenix personal injury lawyer at The Husband & Wife Law Team, for a free consultation at (602) 457-6222. Our team is ready and waiting to help.

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What Is a Fracture?

A fracture means simply that a bone has broken. There are several types of fractures, each varying by severity and location. You should never assume that your fracture is minor, or that you aren’t suffering from a fracture, until you have visited a doctor and been given an x-ray. These kinds of injuries can be deceiving, and you may not realize the severity of your wounds until you have been diagnosed. Skipping a diagnosis can lead to the fracture becoming worse with time. Some common fractures include:

  • A stable fracture is where the bones are barely out of place.
  • A displaced fracture is where the broken ends of a bone do not line up.
  • A transverse fracture is where the bones do not line up and are very unstable.
  • An oblique fracture is where the bones are broken at an angle. This type of fracture can initially be stable, but become unstable over time.
  • A spiral fracture occurs because of a twisting force, like a slip-and-fall.
  • An open fracture occurs when a bone breaks through the skin. This type of fracture is common when a pedestrian is hit by car and his legs are the first part of the body impacted.

A broken bone is no laughing matter. These kinds of injuries can take months to heal and require medical intervention in order to heal properly. While many people have suffered a fracture at some point in their lives, many of these “accidents” were actually the fault of another careless individual.

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What Are Common Causes of Broken Bones?

Our bones provide us with stability, shape, and protection. They are made from the hardest material in our bodies, and as such, it takes a fair amount of force to snap a bone, especially a thick one such as the femur or the skull. Accidents that involve high levels of force are often the cause of bone breaks. Some of the most common causes include:

If you suffered a fracture because of an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to ask for compensation. One good thing is that, when it comes to these kinds of accidents, finding the liable party is not too difficult. You may be owed money by the negligent driver, property owner, or dog owner that caused your injury, and that will go a long way in helping you recover from your broken bone.

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Common Injury: Broken Ankles

Broken ankles are an incredibly common injury, with nearly 250,000 people sustaining broken ankles every year. For adults especially, the consequences of these injuries are far-reaching, as a broken ankle can be difficult to heal, and can result in someone being bound to crutches or a wheelchair for a long time.

Alarmingly, broken ankles can feel exactly like a sprained ankle because the symptoms are so similar, and those who suffer broken ankles are often able to walk even after the injury, albeit with some pain. Only a doctor can make the determination as to whether you have suffered a sprain or a broken ankle. If you don’t get a proper diagnosis, then you could risk injuring yourself further. Common symptoms you will experience as the result of a broken ankle include:

  • Swelling around your entire ankle joint, and often times around your foot. Additional edema may occur in the days that follow throughout your entire foot.
  • Bruising at the site of the injury that may occur within hours of your injury, or may not appear for several days.
  • Severe pain that occurs suddenly, usually within seconds of sustaining the injury. This pain may last for several days and will come and go; for a broken ankle, the severity of the pain and its duration may be much greater than any other type of ankle injury.
  • Being unable to put weight on the injured ankle or to walk evenly.
  • An ankle joint that looks out of place. Many times, broken ankle joints are described as looking deformed.
  • Tenderness. A broken ankle injury will be extremely tender to the touch and may require days, weeks, months, and even years of healing to feel fully uninjured again.
  • Instability in your ankle, which may or may not be accompanied by weakness, and the feeling that you would not be able to put weight on your foot, even without the pain.
  • Crackling or snapping sensations around your ankle bone.

After you receive medical treatment for your broken ankle, you will need to meet with a physical therapist to regain basic motion and strength. The healing process depends on the severity of the injury and your ability to continue exercises. Many times, people who have sustained a fracture never heal 100% and sustain a permanent injury as a result of the accident.

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Common Injury: Broken Legs

A broken leg is usually obvious after an accident, and will require immediate medical attention. Doctors may use non-surgical treatments if you have poor health, are less active, or have a less serious fracture. You will need to wear a brace or hard cast to keep the bones in proper alignment and give the broken leg time to heal. If surgery is necessary, your recovery could take anywhere from four to six months. After non-surgical or surgical treatment, physical therapy will be needed to restore your strength and mobility.

We have seen many cases where people diagnosed with a broken leg or shinbone after a crash were told to follow up with an orthopedic doctor, and the insurance company later argued that the broken bone was not as a result of the accident due to a delay in orthopedic treatment! Gaps in treatment are the first thing that insurance companies look for. It seems absurd that an insurance company would argue your broken leg was NOT a result of the car collision, but this is exactly what insurance companies do, so we stress the importance of going to an orthopedist right away!

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What Are the Consequences of a Broken Bone?

Many people have experienced a broken bone at some point in their life. As a result, there is a belief that broken bones are a rite of passage and easy to recover from. However, that is far from the truth. A broken bone, first and foremost, hurts. This pain is bad enough, but if the damage to the bone is severe, it can actually lead to further injury, such as nerve damage or even amputation, as bone fragments can rip through nerves and skin. Even a minor fracture can take weeks to months to heal. If you work a blue-collar job, it may be weeks until you can perform your normal duties, which can cut into your wages.

On top of all that, broken bones cost money to fix. Doctors will need to check the break with x-rays, and then apply a cast. If the break is serious, surgery may be required to set the bone. This treatment can add up until you are handed a bill for several thousand dollars. Paying those medical bills while you cannot work is impossible, and you may be left in a dire financial situation due to someone else’s negligent decision.

If your hip, ankle, or another bone broke in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to full and proper compensation. That includes compensation for your pain and suffering, your medical bills, and your lost wages. You need to contact an experienced Phoenix bone injury lawyer who can help you demand the compensation that you deserve.

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Contact a Phoenix Fracture Lawyer Who Can Help You!

Suffering a broken bone in an accident is not just about today, but also the future. Fractures can take a long time to heal, and many fractures are permanent injuries. A broken bone typically comes with a lot of medical bills, pain, and discomfort, in addition to lost wages due to your inability to work. The cost for a single accident can get very high very quickly when serious fractures are involved.

If you were the victim of someone else’s negligence, the Phoenix catastrophic injury lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team will help you through every step of your recovery. We start by listening and gathering evidence on your behalf, and negotiating with the other party who caused your injuries to come to a settlement that will pay for your medical expenses, replace your lost income, and help you work towards a full recovery over time. For a free review of your accident, your injuries, and your case, call our team today at (602) 457-6222.

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