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Injured by a Defective or Misdiagnosed Drug?

bottles of prescription medicationsPharmaceutical injuries are an unfortunate side effect of our modern drug-approval process. Trials that once stretched on for years and decades are now often fast-tracked to be completed in a matter of months, and the inevitable result is that mistakes slip through. In many cases these can manifest in little more than mild side effects, but in some, a pharmaceutical injury can lead to heart attack, stroke and death. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or misdiagnosed drug, it is important that you take the necessary steps to hold the responsible parties liable for your loss by contacting The Husband and Wife Law Team.

What are some common examples of pharmaceutical injuries? Some of the most famous have included drugs that were subsequently pulled from the market because of their devastating cardiac effects. Others include ill-advised courses of treatment such as hormone replacement therapy for otherwise healthy young women. In both cases, inadequate long-term testing was completed before the drug made its way to market, resulting in many thousands of stricken patients across the country. Add to this the growing trend of "off-label" prescription and it is no wonder so many people are injured by an improper use of pharmaceuticals each year.

It is useful to understand how these things happen: often drug trials only admit healthy people, meaning they do not include or investigate the many complications that can arise when unwell or infirm people begin taking the drugs. A great many prescriptions are also written as a result of cohort studies, which are by definition neither controlled nor scientific. Even when a drug is safely designed and manufactured, however, other issues may arise, including errors in dosage or a physician who simply administers the wrong drug altogether. Each of these cases is preventable, and each requires a carefully planned legal approach to help you recover what you deserve.

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