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Plane Accident Lawyers in Arizona

Compensation for Arizona Airplane Accident Injuries

airplane on runway with door openPlane accidents that make international headlines are rare events, but more conventional plane accidents happen on a daily basis. These can include anything from basic bumps and scrapes to issues with pressurization and turbulence. The simple truth about flying is that injuries occur commonly, and often the poor judgment or active negligence of another party is to blame. Add in the very real possibility of a major accident that could steal your productivity or mobility, and it is easy to understand why aviation liability is such an important area of the law. If you have been injured in flight or at any stage of the flying process, it is important to speak with an experienced Arizona plane accident attorney at The Husband & Wife Law Team as soon as possible.

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Severe Injuries from Major Plane Accidents

Major plane accident injuries require considerably more resources and experience to litigate successfully. This is why you want to work with an effective personal injury attorney from the start. Proving liability as it applies to collisions and catastrophic failures means gathering a good amount of evidence from engineers and other experts. It also takes lots of energy and dedication to mount a major suit against an airline with deep pockets. The Husband & Wife Law Team has been earning substantial settlements for accident victims for many years.

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"Lesser" Airplane Accidents

Let's examine the lesser accidents first. Although most people immediately imagine a flaming crash when they think of plane and helicopter accidents, many thousands of travelers are injured on tarmacs, jetways, and even during the boarding process each year. If any part of the traveling continuum is mismanaged, the injuries can arise from luggage, vehicles and other passengers. While some of these might be fleeting, others can linger for days or weeks and result in lost productivity and a diminished quality of life. All such accidents should be litigated and settled to ensure your expenses are met.

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We trust the legacy airlines and regional airlines with our families, our possessions, and our lives. When that trust is violated, the results can be as devastating emotionally as they are physically. Get on board with an aggressive aviation liability firm and you have a chance to fight back against exorbitant expenses and predatory insurance practices. Please contact the Phoenix accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222.

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