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Compensation for a Broken Thumb

As Phoenix fracture injury attorneys, many of our clients are involved in car accidents that caused serious fractures. One of the fractures that occurs many times is a broken thumb, Typically when a person sustains a broken thumb because of a car accident, they also have been hurt in various other areas as well. If you have a broken thumb because of a car crash, you may also have sustained a broken knee, broken shoulder, or other serious fractures.

A broken thumb is a debilitating injury because we use our thumbs constantly through out the day. The thumb is made up of two bones, one that extends from the tip of the thumb to the knuckle and one that extends from the knuckle to the base of the thumb. Many times people receive this injury after a car accident, slip and fall, motorcycle accident, or some other negligent act that causes injury to an innocent victim.

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What to Expect After a Thumb Fracture

The most painful type of injury in the thumb occurs near the joints. Any thumb injury near a joint often involves a long healing process and sometimes other complications. A person with a broken thumb experiences pain, swelling, numbness, and a misshapen or deformed look. If a patient is experiencing any of these symptoms they should seek medical treatment immediately to prevent improper healing. The longer a person waits to see a doctor the more difficult the thumb fracture will be to treat.

An orthopedic doctor will realign the fractured bones in the thumb and will use a cast to hold the thumb in place. Patients will have to wear the cast for 4 to 6 weeks to ensure proper healing. A doctor will use an X-ray machine to check the progress of the fracture and make sure that the bones are in alignment.

If surgery is necessary a doctor will realign the bones and have the patient wear a cast, which is very similar to the nonsurgical treatment. After surgery a patient will need to participate in physical therapy to regain strength and movement to complete simple daily activities.

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