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Slip and Falls on Construction Sites

Construction sites present a wide array of hazards, some which may already be labeled clearly and others which come about unexpectedly and with no warning. Trip and fall or slip and fall accidents do not happen just to construction workers. You may be a contractor on a construction site, a resident of an apartment building that is being remodeled, or simple a passerby. However you were injured, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

The viability of the claim will be determined on whether the contractors or owners of the construction site were negligent, and if this negligence helped cause the injury. Additionally, a construction worker on the site may have more chance to claim than a social visitor to the construction site, and the invited visitor to the site would most likely have a greater ability to claim than someone who is trespassing.

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Common Injuries

Properties change over time, and construction sites often change abruptly and without much advance warning. As construction continues, some hazards vanish while others appear. A sidewalk may be partially removed in order to access plumbing or electrical lines, creating an open pit that may be a trip and fall hazard. Later in the construction process, the sidewalk could repaved, with the wet pavement perhaps creating a potential slip and fall hazard. Common construction site injuries or trip and fall injuries include broken bones, and particularly of the hands and wrists, which are used to break falls. Some other likely injuries would be fractured vertebrates, head injuries, neck injuries, and spinal damage.

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