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Phoenix Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Attorneys

What You Should Learn About Liability in Drowning Accidents

Swimming pools are everywhere and it's no wonder. They not only increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell should the need ever arise, but they're also a fun addition to have for your family and friends. Parties abound in summer months and even in the cooler months as long as the weather is good. Swimming pools are one of the most popular ways to cool off on a long list, but the risks are often overlooked. After all, swimming in a pool can increase your risk of drowning due to negligence, getting tired, swimming while intoxicated, or even just horsing around. As a pool owner, it can also increase your risk of liability for those who swim in your pool and sustain injuries, or die.

It is especially important for pool owners to be very cautious when children are around the pool. Your eyes have to be on the children at all times. It is never safe to assume that someone is watching the children. When a party is taking place, there should be a person appointed to watch the pool. If that person needs a break, the person should ask another person. Never assume that someone is watching the pool just because they are at or near the pool. Being near the pool is not safe. An adult has to specifically be in charge of watching the children as a child can drown in a matter of minutes.

Pool Owner Liability in Arizona

If you own a swimming pool in Arizona, it's important for you to know that you are legally responsible for creating a safe environment around your swimming pool and for keeping it that way. There are a number of safety measures that you are required to take in order to ensure that people who use your pool, and people who live near you and could access your pool or its immediate area, are kept safe at all times. For example, consider the following requirements of law for pool owners.

  • Ground-level pools must be surrounded by a fence with a self-latching gate per state requirements to deny direct and easy access to the pool of water. This helps keep little kids in your neighborhood from falling into your pool on accident.
  • You are responsible for educating anyone with a child under the age of 7 who purchases your home on the basics of safety for a swimming pool. The same is true if you lease out your home.
  • You are responsible for providing supervision to children and other users of your swimming pool to ensure that unsafe actions are not taken in and around the swimming pool.
  • It is up to you have appropriate life-saving equipment and insurance for your pool, just in case. Most pool owners elect to purchase at least one million dollars in insurance for liability connected with their swimming pools. This means that if something happens and you get sued, you will have insurance coverage up to that amount.

How Swimming Pool Drownings Happen

Drowning accidents can happen at any time, even when you think everything is going perfectly normal in the water. Knowing how to recognize dangerous situations is the key to prevention. The most laid back party is when drownings can occur. Many times it is at the family barbecue or Labor day party that children will drown because pool owners get relaxed around their own pool. A pool owner can never relax when having guests over. The most common situations you should always be on the lookout for include:

  • Small children in and around the swimming pool. You should never leave small children unattended near the swimming pool and you should never leave groups of teenagers or other young children to play on their own, even if they all know how to swim well.
  • Horsing around is a big no-no. Playing games that involve pushing some people into the pool, doing tricks on a diving board, or throwing people while in the pool are all surefire ways to cause an accident that could lead to drowning, among other injuries.
  • Running in the pool area. Running in the pool area is related to a large number of slip and fall accidents that end in drownings. Just don't allow it at your pool.
  • Drinking and swimming combined. When you combine too much alcohol with any activity you will quickly find that the level of risk increase exponentially.

It's not easy to prevent accidents, and you can't always keep everyone safe all the time. But when you are a pool owner or a pool user it's important to understand the risks, avoid risky behaviors, and do whatever you can to keep everyone in the water, and around the water, safe. Drownings can be prevented and the necessary steps taken to make sure that children and others who are invited over to use your pool are kept safe. As a pool owner, it is up to you to make sure you are creating the most safe environment for your guests.

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