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Who Is Responsible for a Phoenix Elevator Accident?

person pressing elevator buttonElevator accident injuries can happen in any building or construction site where elevators are operated. There are generally three main parties that can be held responsible for an elevator accident:

  • The Manufacturer: If someone is hurt or killed in an elevator accident because of the failure of a faulty part, the manufacturer of that part can be held liable in many cases.
  • The Service Company: These companies are responsible for maintenance and regular inspections. If an inspector does not complete a thorough inspection or fails to report worn parts and an elevator accident occurs, the service company can be held liable for putting people at risk.
  • Property or Business Owners: If a landlord or business fails to take adequate measures to keep an elevator running safely, they can be held liable for injuries and death caused in an elevator accident.

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What Happens When an Elevator Malfunctions?

Because elevators are so dangerous, injuries can be very severe. In fact, elevator injuries frequently result in death or catastrophic injuries. In cases where the accident was due to negligence or faulty equipment, victims have the right to seek just compensation. In cases of wrongful death the victim’s family can file a claim.

Injuries that frequently result from elevator accidents include:

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What Are Some Types of Elevator Accidents?

Regulations require that all elevators are serviced and inspected on a regular basis, and these actions are strictly monitored and recorded. If they aren’t done properly, an elevator can malfunction. Common types of elevator accidents include:

  • Pulley system malfunction: If this mechanism isn’t working properly, it can cause the elevator to suddenly drop a great distance, either injuring the people inside or crushing people below.
  • Open shaft: If an elevator isn’t where it’s supposed to be, a person stepping into the shaft can fall a great distance.
  • Faulty wiring: Poor wiring can cause an elevator to malfunction, and it can also result in electrocution if a passenger touches a live wire or component.
  • Incomplete or faulty repairs: Inspectors and elevator repairpersons are responsible for maintaining elevator safety.
  • Unbalanced leveling: When an elevator reaches its floor, it should be perfectly line up. If not, it can cause riders to fall or even lose a limb.

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Getting Compensation for Death or Injury Caused by an Elevator Accident

Phoenix is not known for its high-rise building, but there are still many buildings with elevators where accidents can occur. A lot of elevator accident injuries and deaths happen while people are working, such as office employees and construction workers. In these cases, the employee’s workers compensation insurance might apply. That’s why any work-related injury should be reported to your employer right away. Employers are legally obligated to report these incidents.

These are very complicated cases, and you need a highly qualified Phoenix premises liability attorney with the right type of experience to handle your claim. You may be facing serious medical issues that require surgery and months of rehabilitation. That’s why you will want to consult an experienced Phoenix elevator accident attorney who will carry out the necessary research and investigate the factors that played a role in the accident. This is the best way to find out who is liable for damages and be awarded fair compensation for your injuries.

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If you have been injured in a Phoenix elevator accident, or if someone you love has died as a result of an elevator accident, you may be able to receive damages to cover your medical expenses or pay for your loss. Mark and Alexis Breyer of The Husband & Wife Law Team have an excellent track record in recovering settlements for injury victims and their families. Call (602) 457-6222 today for your FREE consultation.

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