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What To Do if You're Hurt at a Phoenix Gas Station

If you are hurt in a gas station accident in Phoenix and you have slipped, tripped, or fallen due to the negligence of another person or because of the establishment's negligence, you should contact a Phoenix gas station injury attorney immediately. It is always important to seek medical care as soon as possible. Your medical care is most important. Always make sure as well to file an incident report. Depending on your injuries, have a family member take photos of the damage that caused the accident either with a camera or with your cell phone since many times, the problem will be cleared away before you or a Phoenix premises liability attorney can return to the scene of the accident.

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What Causes Gas Station Accidents?

Not all accidents at gas stations happen at the pump; in fact, many accidents involving patrons at gas stations involved slips, trips, and falls both in and outside the gas station convenience store. Some of the situations that can lead to a gas station slip, trip, or fall injury include:

  • Spills or leaks that leave pools of water or other liquids on the tile flooring in the convenience store or pools of water, ice, or oil out on the pavement near the gas pumps;
  • Small step ups or step downs from the doorway into the convenience store;
  • Torn rugs, broken tiles, and other flooring defects;
  • Electrical cords from drink machines, cleaning machines, and other apparatuses inside the convenience store; and
  • Uneven pavement in the parking lot.

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What Are Common Types of Gas Station Accidents?

There are a lot of dangerous chemicals at a gas station, and this can cause eye injuries and lung damage due to inhalation. But the most common injuries that occur around the pump or inside the convenience store are the result of slip and fall incidents, which can be very serious. Injuries that result from slip and fall incidents include:

In many cases, these injuries will require extensive medical treatment, perhaps even surgery followed by a long period of recovery. You may also require rehabilitation with a trained physical therapist to return to full function. And during this time, you may have to miss work, which is another important expense to consider.

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Getting the Compensation You Deserve

The most common cause of gas station accidents both around the gas pumps and inside the convenience store is an employee’s failure to take notice of a potential hazard and deal with it as quickly as possible. These facilities are often understaffed, and the employees are usually trying to do the best they can. But they need to be trained how to maintain a safe environment at all times. Unfortunately, many gas station owners neglect to hire enough workers to provide a safe environment and give them the safety training they need.

As soon as gas station attendant is informed about a dangerous situation, they need to address it as quickly as possible. And they need to perform routine tasks such as cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis. Gas station owners are responsible for making sure employees complete these activities at scheduled times, and workers should be expected to sign off on these tasks so there is a written record of their work. Employees must also put out warning signs regarding wet floors every time they mop. If a customer slips and falls due to a wet or oily floor that hasn’t been cleaned for several hours, that is a clear sign of negligence on the part of management and the gas station owner.

Gas station employees are expected to notice obstructions and other hazards in a timely manner, and they must also respond to customer requests to clean up spills and eliminate other problems right away. That’s why our investigators will review employee work logs and surveillance cameras to make sure everyone was doing their job. We will also interview customers to find out if any requests for cleanup have been ignored. If our lawyers determine that there is a clear pattern of negligence, we can work to get you proper compensation to pay for the costs of your medical care and rehabilitation.

Our experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team understand how to assess the extent of your injuries to determine the appropriate compensation. We know gas station owners and their insurance companies will do everything they can to limit your payout, including trying to blame customers for their own injuries. That’s why we will fight for you to receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, so you can get your life back to normal.

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Phoenix Slip and Fall Attorneys Who Make a Difference

When a person is involved in a gas station accident, serious injuries are likely to occur. The assistance of a highly qualified Phoenix slip and fall lawyer is needed to ensure that you get a fair settlement. The Husband & Wife Law Team has what it takes to win these cases. We do everything we can to secure compensation that covers all related medical costs, required time off work that results in a loss of wages, and other personal damages.

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