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Large shopping malls and strip malls are fun places to spend with family and friends, but only when owners take proper care of them. With dozens of businesses in a single mall, there are plenty of areas where business owners and property owners can make fatal errors. Whether it is failing to provide proper security or not cleaning up a spill, property owners can cause serious accidents if they act negligently.

If you were injured at a mall in Phoenix due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation in a premises liability claim. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Phoenix shopping mall accident attorneys have years of experience investigating property accidents and holding negligent business owners accountable for injuring customers. We can sit down with you in a free consultation, explain your right to compensation, and advocate for your best interests in a claim. Call us today at (602) 457-6222 to get a free case evaluation.

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What Are Some Common Shopping Mall Accidents?

Large shopping malls have dozens of stores and a variety of businesses, each with their own procedures. However, all of them have a duty to keep their stores cleans, safe, and secure. Failing to fix a safety hazard can result in serious injuries, especially if hundreds of customers visit a mall every day.

Shopping mall injuries are often the result of:

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Property and Business Owner Liability

Following a shopping mall accident, it is important to determine if your injuries were caused by a local property or business owner. Business owners are expected to keep their businesses safe inside stores, at entranceways, on nearby sidewalks, and pathways. In addition, property owners of malls also have a duty to keep the entire premises clear of hazards, especially common areas like plazas. If a business or property owner acted negligently and caused your injuries, then you may be able to recover compensation in a premises liability claim.

To file a successful premises liability claim, you must show that:

  • A property/business owner had a duty of care towards you;
  • A property/business owner acted negligently and broke their duty of care;
  • That act of negligence caused your injuries; and
  • Your injuries resulted in damages, such as a financial loss.

Property and business owners are not just responsible for keeping stores free of hazards, but also regularly inspecting businesses for hazards. Property owners are expected to be reasonable aware of safety hazards and can be found liable if they failed to inspect a mall for hazards.

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Get Legal Help From The Husband & Wife Law Team

Recovering compensation in a premises liability claim is an up-hill battle. You will need to thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident, determine if the accident was caused by the mall owner or a local store owner, collect evidence of negligence, and negotiate with the responsible party’s insurance company for compensation. Insurance companies will fight hard to avoid paying proper compensation to you, which is why you should have a strong legal advocate in the room with you.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Phoenix shopping mall accident, do not hesitate to contact The Husband & Wife Law Team. We have spent over two decades fighting for accident victims throughout Phoenix and understand how complicated these cases are. We can use all of our expertise, skill, and knowledge to fight for your best interests. Call us today at (602) 457-6222 to get a free case evaluation from a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney.

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