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Entitled to Compensation for a Fall On The Job in Phoenix?

On-the-job accidents generally come within the bounds of workers' compensation law. This is so whether you are working for a small mom-and-pop store or a huge multinational corporation. A person's ability to make a slip and fall accident claim in Phoenix will depend, however, on how the fall happened, the type of fall, the particulars of the injuries, and the extent to which the company and employees were responsible for causing the conditions that led to the slip and fall injury.

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Common Causes of Fall Accidents at Work

Slip and fall accidents happen at workplaces every day across the United States and in Arizona. Only a fraction of these lead to serious injuries, and only a few of those end up in court. Some common reasons for slip and fall accident injuries at the workplace include:

  • Inadequate or non-existent signage around potentially dangerous areas.
  • Wet or icy conditions in a parking lot, hallway, or other common walkway.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Irregular, broken, or warped flooring or pavement.
  • An unexpected hazard, such as a pit or hole, occurring without warning at the workplace.

In a case where you have been hurt at work, whether as an actual employee or while visiting co-workers socially, most likely you will be classified as an invitee rather than a licensee. This distinction may be important. In order to protect invitees, which employees of a company are considered, the owner, manager, or other responsible employee of the business or property is required to either remove or label potential hazards about which they knew or should have known. Less is required to protect social visitors, who are considered licensees according to Arizona law.

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What Factors Affect Your Phoenix Job Injury Claim?

A number of other factors will also play a part in a judge's or jury's decisions about your Phoenix on the job slip and fall case. These include how cautious you were at the time of the accident, the type of injury incurred, the severity of your injuries, the degree to which your employer's negligence may have contributed to the accident, and any statements that were made to your employer or your employer's insurance company.

While it may happen that the company for which you work will make an effort to compensate you for your injuries in good faith, it may be beneficial to at least discuss the matter with an experienced and honest work injury attorney before signing any statements or providing testimony. Depending what you say or have signed about an accident, it can actually hamper efforts to get full and fair compensation for your injuries. Sometimes, injured workers miss out on claiming beyond workers' compensation altogether.

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