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Did You Suffer an Injury Where Your RV Was Parked?

Snowbirds who come to Arizona from the northern states and Canada in the winter have a number of different accommodations available to them. Some rent a condo or an apartment. Others rent an RV and stay in an RV park, or purchase a trailer and a lot of land in a trailer park. But what happens when someone is hurt on these types of properties? Who can be held liable?

Determining liability in trailer park can be difficult. In some cases, the person renting the trailer may be responsible, while in others, the owner of the park may be responsible. A Phoenix premises liability lawyer at The Husband & Wife Law Team, can investigate who should be providing compensation. Call (602) 457-6222 to set up a free consultation with our friendly representatives.

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When an RV or Trailer Owner Is Responsible

In some instances, the RV or trailer owner may be liable for injuries that happen on a specific lot. This is particularly true if the RV owner has signed a rental agreement. These agreements are typically only required if someone wishes to remain on the property for six months or longer, and include provisions for the RV owner to maintain their lot and vehicle in a safe manner. This often includes keeping the lot clean and possibly even cutting the grass. If the RV or trailer owner failed to meet these obligations, they could be held responsible if a visitor is injured by a property condition. For example, if a trailer owner broke a glass outside of the trailer and did not pick it up, he could be held liable if someone stepped on that glass and cut himself.

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When the Park Owner Is Responsible

Owners of mobile home parks are also expected to keep their property in a safe condition at all times. This means ensuring sidewalks are even so people don’t slip and fall, and ensuring there is adequate lighting to provide security. When a park’s owner fails to make sure their property is safe, they can be held liable for injuries. For example, if someone slipped and fell in a common bathroom due to a spill that wasn’t cleaned up quickly, the park owner may be held responsible.

Park owners may also be responsible if the injury occurred on a rental lot. For example, if the park owner did not provide proper security and someone smashed a beer bottle on a renter’s lot while walking by, the park owner could be held liable if another person stepped on the glass. Especially if the person renting the lot did not have a reasonable amount of time to discover the broken glass.

These cases require in-depth investigation, which is why you should speak to a Phoenix personal injury attorney right after suffering an injury at a trailer park.

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Speak to a Phoenix Snowbird Injury Lawyer

Accidents in mobile parks can be complicated. In most cases, the park owner will be responsible unless they have a written agreement with those renting out lots, RVs, and trailers. Even when agreements are in place, they do not always protect the park owner from liability.

If you have been injured in a Phoenix trailer or RV park, don’t hesitate to call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222. We will review your case, help you determine who is liable for your injuries, and fight hard to get you any compensation you are entitled to. Filing these claims is complicated and there is also a time limit, so don’t delay. Talk to us about your case today.

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