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Legal Representation After a Phoenix Trip & Fall Accident

Trip and fall accidents cost millions of dollars for Americans every year, leading to thousands of injuries, some of which are severe and even sometimes fatal. Trip and fall accidents can occur due to uneven stairs, raised carpeting, uneven flooring, or something else that is not readily apparent but is likely to cause a normally cautious person to fall. Regardless of how the particular slip, trip and fall accident occurred, it is important to assess your rights and responsibilities under Arizona law so that you can decide how to proceed.

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Who Is Liable for a Trip and Fall Accident?

There is no guarantee for compensation from any trip and fall accident in Phoenix. Even if a person hurts himself or herself badly on someone else's property, the negligence of another party must still be proven in order to receive compensation. It must also be proven that this negligence directly caused the injury. There are many ways to prove whether a party is negligent, and the some of the following circumstances often can convince a jury or judge about whether a person is liable:

  • The property owner or other responsible party forgets to turn off a sprinkler that then floods a hallway or other walkway, thus making it a slipping hazard.
  • An employer or responsible employee fails to move a piece of machinery out of the path of usual traffic.
  • A neighbor fails to properly barricade a new pool or hot tub, allowing children to easily access it.
  • A public official or the responsible government maintenance personnel fails to maintain guard rails on a public walkway.
  • A property owner fails to replace or repair a worn, frayed carpet at the top of a stairway so that it sticks up, thus greatly increasing the risk to people going down the stairway.

No trip and fall accidents are exactly the same. However, common themes persist, such as the types of injuries that occur. Trip and fall accidents typically lead to injuries such as concussions, spinal injuries, facial trauma, broken wrists, fractured hands, dislocated shoulders, neck injuries, head injuries, and a whole host of other physical problems. The manner in which the plaintiff was acting also impacts on any judgments, so that if he or she were distracted, intoxicated, roughhousing, or otherwise not acting carefully the injured party's ability to successfully claim may be reduced or even eliminated. In many cases, both the property owner or other responsible party and the plaintiff share blame, which will cause a judge or jury to analyze what is known as "comparative negligence." This means that both parties share responsibility for the injury, and that each side in the dispute will be apportioned blame in order to arrive at a fair and accurate verdict.

Whether you were injured in a simple trip and fall in a store's parking lot or a complex series of events that led to a workplace trip and fall injury, The Husband & Wife Law Team has the experience and the wherewithal to deal with your situation. Our extensive knowledge of Arizona personal injury law and deep understanding of the nuances of trip and call cases can help you to pursue the best path for your particular claim.

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