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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for Bikers Participate at Annual Day at the Dome Event

Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona motorcycle attorneys, Mark and Alexis Breyer, focus on helping motorcyclists in Arizona. They published a book called The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide about Arizona motorcycle laws, they are hosting a monthly $250 giveaway to recognize bikers' good deeds and advice, and recently, their office participated in the annual Day at the Dome event.

motorcycles lined up at Dome Day

The Day at the Dome is an annual gathering of motorcyclists from all over Arizona who come to speak to their legislators as one voice for their concerns and rights. Legislators came out to the tent to speak to members representing many different clubs and motorcycle rights organizations. The rumble of motorcycles throughout the day caused many heads to turn in curiosity as the bikes lined up in front of the Capital lawn.

Serious personal injury lawyer, Mark Breyer, and his wife, attorney Alexis Breyer, wrote the Arizona Motorcycle Book, a guide written in easy-to-read language about Arizona motorcycle laws - those written and unwritten. At the Day at the Dome, these books were available to all who were interested; many bikers picked up a copy and learned something they didn't even know they didn't know. Even legislators found the book to be a good resource.

In 2010, there were over 2,700 motorcycle crashes in Arizona, 80% of which resulted in injury (AZDOT). Interestingly, more riders were wearing a helmet than not in those accidents. While Arizona does not have a helmet law for those over 18 years old, some riders don't realize that even though you can't get a ticket for choosing not to wear a helmet, if you are in an Arizona motorcycle accident and you suffer an injury that would have been prevented had you worn a helmet, that fact may be held against you in court and may affect the amount of compensation you receive for your injury claim.

Next year, The Husband & Wife Law Team hopes to see legislation that will forbid the use of this unwritten helmet law against bikers. Until then, they will continue to help those after a serious injury motorcycle accident. If you would like a copy of The Arizona Motorcycle Book, click here or call (602) 903-5327 to request your free copy.

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