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Congratulations HealthSouth Valley of the Sun Housekeeping & Maintenance Team

You Are This Month's Band Aid Award Winners!

The Husband & Wife Law Team's Band Aid Award

With the help of HealthSouth Valley of the Sun's CEO, Beth Bacher, and Chief Nursing Officer, Stephanie Palmer, The Husband & Wife Law Team surprised a handful of deserving recipients with their monthly Band Aid Award. Surrounded by co-workers, members of the HealthSouth Housekeeping and Maintenance Team were pleasantly surprised by attorney, Mark Breyer, as he walked in with a news crew and celebration team carrying a giant check for this month's award winners. An enthusiastic, "Wow!"... Followed by, "Thank you, I've never won anything like this before!" bursted out from one of the joyful recipients as she smiled from ear to ear. A wonderful start to the day as the rest of the staff was invited to join in on the celebration as Mark brought them band aid shaped cookies. Congratulations HealthSouth Housekeeping & Maintenance Crew for a job well done! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

June’s Band Aid Award Program Winners! From left to right, Carlos, Elvira, and Rachel (accepting the check on behalf of their entire crew)

Compliments to the HealthSouth Valley of the Sun Housekeeping and Maintenance Team

Administration at HealthSouth stated, "We have received a ton of comments in our patient surveys saying that the patients truly appreciate the level of cleanliness in our hospital. One patient even mentioned how one of our housekeepers always had a smile on her face anytime she came to tidy up the room. Our Housekeeping & Maintenance teams are all very deserving of this recognition. Those honored were Aurora Lucero, Elvira Rivera, Alexzandria Sandoval, Rachel T Ochoa, Carlos Aguinaga Espinoza, and Braulio R Velazquez. Thank you to the entire crew who assist in keeping the hospital clean for all of our clients. We couldn't do this without you!"

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The Award Winning Husband & Wife Law Team

Mark and Alexis Breyer, The Husband & Wife Law Team, have been practicing personal injury law in Arizona for 20 years. They both hold a perfect 10/10 "Superb" ratings on and have been named, "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" by the American Trial Lawyers Association. Mark has also been named a, "Top 5 Injury Lawyer" in the valley for the past five years by, North Valley Magazine.

The Husband & Wife Law Team have been voted one of the, "Best Law Firms" in the valley by a subsection of the Arizona Tribune Newspaper. The Husband & Wife Law Team's biggest source of pride is their happy clients. The firm handles all serious injury and wrongful death cases, including auto, semi truck, bicycle, child injury, dog bites, nursing home and other injuries caused by another's negligence.

The Husband & Wife Law Team discuss their firm’s core values.

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