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Mark Breyer Named Top 5 Injury Attorney for the Second Time

Last year, serious injury lawyer, Mark Breyer, of The Husband & Wife Law Team, was on the cover of North Valley magazine after being named a Top 5 injury lawyer. Not surprisingly, this year, he made the list again.

Secrets to Success

Mark Breyer

Releasing their first "Top Valley Lawyers" list last year, North Valley magazine teamed up with Avvo, a national lawyer-rating site, again, to develop their 2012 edition. They featured the top five attorneys from many different areas of law, including finance; development; bankruptcy; criminal defense; DUI; employment law; estate planning; family law; immigration; insurance; intellectual property; real estate; small business; tax law; and injury law.

Avvo ratings are on a 10-point scale. A ten out of ten is "superb," their highest rating. Points are accumulated across three areas; experience, industry recognition, and professional conduct. The site also allows for clients to review their experiences with the attorney, awarding up to five stars. To view Mark's Avvo profile, please visit

Attorneys may also accept endorsements by their peers, and submit legal answers to questions posed by site visitors.

Being a Top Lawyer

"Being named a Top 5 injury lawyer for the second year in a row feels great," Mark says, "Clients go to all kinds of sources to check for the right attorney for their potential claim; clients considering our firm have yet another validation to see that choosing The Husband & Wife Law Team is the right thing to do."

"That kind of reassurance is priceless to someone distraught after losing a loved one, or suffering a serious injury themselves," Alexis Breyer, Mark's wife and partner in the firm, chimed in.

Mark also holds many other distinctions, most notably as a Certified Specialist in personal injury and wrongful death law, something less than 2% of attorneys possess. He is rated 10/10, a "superb" on Avvo, for all areas of experience, industry reputation, and professional conduct.

Helping Arizona's Injured

After an accident, many people don't know where to turn. They might ask a friend or neighbor, for a name of an attorney to help them. Sometimes that works, and they get in touch with the right person. Most of the time, however, this does not work. An attorney who practices family law, bankruptcy, or real estate is unlikely to have the knowledge and experience to handle a serious personal injury case.

For the people who don't have personal references when they need them, North Valley's Top Lawyers list becomes very helpful. It identifies the best attorneys in each field of law, simplifying the process and narrowing down the time needed to research attorneys. Time is something that is hard to come by when insurance adjusters and medical providers are calling and pulling someone in different directions.

All Mark and Alexis Breyer have ever done, since the start of their practice, is help people who have been injured or have suffered a loss of a loved one. They offer free consultations for any injury cases; including car accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, or slip and fall incidents.

Since they opened their law practice in 1996, Mark and Alexis Breyer have been known throughout Arizona as The Husband & Wife Law Team. They have been amassing recognitions ranging from five-star client reviews to being voted Best Law Firm by a subsection of the Arizona Tribune. They were recently featured as the cover story in Attorney at Law magazine. Attributions such as these help someone identify the best fit attorney for their situation. More information can be found at

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