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Who Is Liable for Defective Car Parts?

Should a defective or malfunctioning auto part cause or lead to a serious personal injury or wrongful death to you or someone in your family, it is important to consult with an experienced Phoenix product liability attorney. You may be able to seek damages from the responsible party or parties involved, but first the source of the product's malfunction or defect must be ascertained. Before any expensive legal moves are made, it must be determined how and why a defect occurred, and also how and why it resulted in someone's injury. In that way it can be established who in fact was the responsible party for any auto part's failure and who needs to be held liable for any damages that resulted from the defect or malfunction. Was it the designer of the part? Was it the manufacturer who assembled the motor vehicle? Or was it the person or company responsible for the motor vehicle's maintenance? By deciding who is at fault, and it could be more than one party who is liable, a legal team can decide against which party, or parties, a claim for compensation should be made.

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Manufacturer Liability

As an example, let us say that a badly designed brake pad caused a car accident that resulted in personal injuries and property damage. In this case, it may be that either the designer of the brake pad or the engineering company are liable. However, it may also be the case that an auto mechanic incorrectly installed the brake pad, which then failed and caused the accident. In this case, it would be the company responsible for the vehicle's maintenance who is at fault and liable for damages. If the manufacturer had originally installed the vehicle's brake pad incorrectly, however, it would then be the manufacturer that would be liable.

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It is important to remember that, considering all the possible legal possibilities and the intricacies involved in an automobile's moving parts, you are likely not in a position to judge the best course of legal action. That is why it is important to find a knowledgeable law firm that will look after your legal interests in the best way possible.

The Husband & Wife Law Team has been watching out for consumers' best interests since 1996, continuously pursuing compensation in all manner of serious injury and wrongful death cases. We are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and authors of the premier guide to personal injury lawsuits. We offer free consultations and are paid contingent only on a settlement or trial victory that results in monetary damages. We cover the costs of consultations with witnesses and experts to ensure that our clients' cases have the best chance of success. Unlike some other personal injury attorneys, we also take great pride in making ourselves available at all hours for any emergencies relating to our clients' product liability cases. We invite you to set up a consultation with The Husband & Wife Law Team by e-mailing us or by calling.

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