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The legal issues surrounding child safety claims are perhaps the most important for any parent. Laws such as the Child Safety Protection Act (CSPA) compel designers and manufacturers to make and release toys and games that are safe for children. Still, hundreds of dangerous toys are on the American market, and some of them inevitably get to the toy shelves in local stores.

The National SAFE Kids Campaign, a global advocacy group created to ensure the safety of products geared towards children, compiled statistics that included how many children are hurt every year by toys that are unsafe for children. In a recent study, they concluded that over 120,000 children in the United States alone are injured due to unsafe toys.

The National SAFE Kids Campaign distinguishes several classes of toys that they find as particularly unsafe:

  1. Projectile toys, such as darts, that are either thrown or launched are particularly dangerous. Darts obviously can cause serious injuries, particularly if they strike an eye or penetrate unprotected soft tissue. There are other toys, however, such as bb guns, bottle rockets, and others that also can cause serious injury.
  2. Toys that contain lead, mercury or other heavy metals are dangerous, especially for toddlers who may swallow or otherwise ingest them. Lead and mercury poisoning can cause brain damage as well as injuries to other vital organs such as the kidneys.
  3. Toys that make high levels of noise can cause hearing damage, and include explosive rockets, toys that make high-decibel noises, and even iPods.
  4. Explosives and toy firearms can cause serious injury or death. Firecrackers, cap guns, and other "play" explosives can cause fires or burns. As an added danger, older toy guns without the orange caps can cause a child to get in trouble with the law, or even to be mistaken for an armed intruder. There have been cases where a children have been shot and killed by police when brandishing a toy firearms.
  5. Toys that have long straps, strings, or cords, such as lassos, long elastic rubber bands, super string, and other such toys can choke children, leading to serious injury or even death.
  6. Smaller toys that can fit into an infant's or toddler's mouth as well as toys with small pieces present a choking hazard for younger children
  7. Toys with irregular shapes or toys with sharp edges -- These can also be choking hazards in young children, and they can cause cutting injuries.
  8. Toys that have irregular shapes or that have sharp edges can also be choking hazards for younger children, or can even cause cutting or slicing injuries.

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