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AVVO Reviews is a website that lists every single attorney licensed to practice law in every state. Its goal is to help consumers find the right lawyer (and steer clear of the bad ones)! Avvo lets clients rate and review their attorneys, and counts other lawyer's endorsements. And here's what our clients have had to say about us at The Husband & Wife Law Team! You don't get to be a "10" for nothing!


Injured in a Motorcycle Accident, THREE TIMES A CHARM!

My wife and I were injured 7/25/15 in a motorcycle accident. We were not at fault, but over a year and a half passed and we still remain victims. Victims of who or what you say? A 16yr old, unlicensed, uninsured driver, along with an uncaring insurance company.

We hired two different attorneys, having never been involved in something like this, we really didn't know where to begin. Unfortunately, neither felt nor found there was an area in our circumstances that some type of compensation could be found. Concerned we were approaching the two year statue for any type of action, I made a chance phone call to "The husband & wife law team".

During my initial call their staff was very polite, patient, and knowledgeable. They listened and asked many questions so as to understand our current situation. I was told that one of the attorneys would contact me, this ended up being Richard Jefferies. He actually phoned me at 7pm that night. I was very surprised and happy that they followed through with what they said. They didn't leave me wondering or make me call them back as if I were just a "number". During my consultation, Mr. Jefferies knew the facts about our accident and our situation. After briefly listening to me. Mr. Jefferies said, "we’re not going to take your money to do something you can do yourself. This firms belief is it's not all about money when practicing law, it's also about helping people". Not everyone's case may be like this, I don't know and don't want to paint this type of picture. But at this point I am so thankful that I made the call to The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Mr. Jefferies gave me some pointers on what I should do to try to get some compensation from my own insurance company. Beware of your coverage’s, that is another story. Anyways, Mr. Jefferies told me the first phone call I should make the next day should be to our old insurance company. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, but I followed his advice and was able to initiate a claim.

What The Husband & Wife Law Team has done for me didn't end here. I was so grateful and impressed with their firm that I sent a email to both Mark & Alexis Breyer thanking & praising them for their staffs professionalism and what Mr. Jefferies did for us. I received an unexpected thank you from both of them. Alexis even wanted to know if there was a time she could speak to me. Alexis further consulted me about getting my records and which one's to use. Alexis prepared a letter, that when put with my records, we could send to the insurance company demanding they make a settlement offer.

Things are still pending now, but we will never forget what The Husband & Wife Law Team and their staff has done for us. Our experience has shown that not all law firms are the same, not everyone is like the "ambulance chasers" you see on T.V. The Husband & Wife Law Team has shown us that attorneys can still practice law with passion and caring when it comes to clients.

I believe that The Husband & Wife Law Team understands the importance of their clients needs, and how fortunate they are to do what they love. If you have taken the time to read this, I strongly urge you to call The Husband & Wife Law Team if you find yourself in need of legal services.


Car Accident

The husband and wife team are all that and more. They walked me through the whole process. I had a serious injury and sent someone to my house. Committed to excellent customer service. Treat you like family. Treat you with respect . I see them at least once a year at the hosted events. Thank you both for all you did for my family. You are both amazing. God bless.

Mike Gibson

Awesome Law Team

I was referred by a friend who was a former happy client of The Husband & Wife Law Team. I was t-boned and had very serious injuries and extensive medical bills. Mark, Alexis and Stefanie were all fantastic. I was very hesitant to hire a lawyer because it was my first experience. I was able to sleep at night during this whole ordeal and entrusted my case to them with zero regrets. They were able to reduce my medical bills dramatically. I was elated. The fees you pay this team is an investment. Not hiring them is a big mistake. The Husband & Wife Law Team will make this a rewarding and smooth experience for you. You deserve the best. They really care about each client and I could tell from the first call. They give straight forward advice and will tell you everything you need to know about your case not just what you want to hear. They are top notch, professional and personable.


Breyer team ROCKS!!!!

When I needed an attorney’s help, I turned to Alexis and Mark. Alexis worked with me and my wife. She helped me through everything and we had a great result. I know a lot of people in the motorcycle community and they all respect The Husband & Wife Law Team. This team is focused on great results but also really are like family. It’s great to see attorneys focused not just on helping people who are injured but also on safety on the roadway. Thank you for your help Alexis and Mark!


Mark & Alexis Breyer, great attornies...even better people.

“When I was seriously injured in a bike accident many years ago, I called The Husband & Wife Law Team and they helped me. My wife was injured recently with a burn injury and I called them again for their help. Alexis and Mark and the entire firm were always patient in answering my questions. Alexis and Mark and the other great people at The Husband & Wife Law Team are truly different than most law firms and privately owned companies. In today’s day and age where we often see greed take center stage and become a prime motivating factor in many people’s daily decisions, The Husband & Wife Law Team has made it a priority to serve the client and give back to the community. No matter how much money your case is worth you will receive fantastic service and attention. They are always courteous and professional. They are honest and follow through with what they say. I would refer everyone who needs help or is injured to call them. There are a lot of firms out there that give the profession a bad name, not this one. I would suggest to select a firm with a proven track record and a successful history. I highly recommend The Husband & Wife Law Team.”


Amazing Experience

I have not been somebody who thought I would need a lawyer however after getting no response week after week from the insurance company, I felt I had no other option. All of my contacts with the firm were amazingly pleasant. My settlement was far above what I expected. I was really surprised at the “personal” aspect of the service I received. At no time did I feel like just another number. I was riding as a passenger in my fiance’s car on the way to dinner. A 17 year old not paying attention turned directly in front of us as we were going through the intersection and that is how the car accident happened. I wound up in the hospital resulting in surgery. I was informed more than I could have imagined and my case was handled as if they were representing their own family member.


The Husband-Wife Law Team is awesome!

Mark helped us with a serious case that was a trying time for our family. He did an awesome job staying on top of the particulars and we can't say enough about his professionalism and helpfulness in the way he handled things. We wholeheartedly endorse the Husband-Wife law team for any of your litigation needs!


An Outstanding Lawyer!! I highly recommend him.

Mark and his wife were a true gift when I was hit while riding my motorcycle. They handled everything professionally, and kept me in the loop. Their team managed all of the paperwork and bills dealing with hospitals, auto and health insurance companies. They allowed me to focus on my recovery and work, while they took care of everything.

Mark, his wife, and his entire team were always pleasant, and available. They always answered all my questions, and addressed all my concerns as though I were their only client!

I would recommend him without hesitation!!!


Our gratitude to the Breyer Team

My wife & I spend our winters in Arizona. In 2012 while riding my bicycle in a designated bike lane, I was struck from behind by a motorist. Though my helmet protected my head, I had multiple fractures, broken pelvis, broken foot, & chest injuries. Upon discharge from the hospital I had significant medical bills and a lengthy, uncertain recovery & rehabilitation program ahead of me. The motorist’s insurance company was unhelpful in directing me and covering the mounting costs. Instead they demanded more & more releases, disclosures, & medical records.

My belief that reasonable parties could arrive at a reasonable solution was proven false. I had no previous experience with lawyers & held a bias toward the personal injury profession, but felt I had no other choice. I came across the The Husband & Wife Law Team website, reading it in it’s entirety, then ordered Mark & Alexis’ book on personal injury claims. From the beginning Mark & the team were thorough & transparent in walking my wife & I through the process including costs, timelines, logistics, tactics, & potential risks. They listened to our concerns, addressed every question, & made themselves accessible at any time. The reassurance & support was almost too good to be true. It allowed me to spend my energies on recovery, confident that I had the right team in my corner.

In the end, they used their skill, integrity, and tenacity to negotiate a settlement that exceeded our expectations. They know the game & will not be intimidated or settle for less. We are so grateful for their efforts and are privileged to have gotten to know them. We look forward to visiting Mark & Alexis when we return to Arizona this winter.


Bicycle / Auto Accident

I was involved in an car/bicycle accident a year ago which left me with serious injuries and prevented me from working. The fault was clearly with the automobile driver and I thought we could settle without an attorney. However, so many family members and friends advised against this course that we agreed to find an attorney to help us. I do not regret this decision, and as the year progressed I found myself increasingly grateful for it.

The Breyers were recommended to us by a claim representative for a major insurance company who often worked on the opposite side of the negotiation and courtroom tables with them. Our first meeting with the paralegal consisted of a thorough review of the case, overview of the legal process, realistic time frame, and generous question and answer session. Then we were assigned a liaison who called and mailed us regularly with updates - or simply to see how we were faring, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The Breyers know how to communicate clearly and effectively with their clients. They understand the claims process and the art of negotiation. I found myself constantly surprised at the small details which I would have overlooked and the circumstances and procedures of which I was totally ignorant. If we had proceeded, as originally intentioned, to settle my claim ourselves, there would have been no negotiations over our medical bills, we would not have sought our own underinsured motorist coverage, and I would have spent the past year fighting a battle against professionals, instead of recovering from my injuries and keeping my family afloat without their primary breadwinner. I can't image how that would have turned out.

Finally, the Breyers proved their trustworthiness to us, time and again. My main concern against hiring an attorney was that it would simply add another shark into the water, so to speak. The Breyers laid out their compensation clearly at the first meeting. We found it fair and reasonable, and in the end, the Breyers cheerfully took less than the agreement, due to a last-minute negotiated medical bill reduction. We would have gladly given it to them.

There are a million injury lawyers in Arizona. I am grateful that we found the Breyers


The Husband & Wife Law Team Offices

On 1/16/12 I was involved in a serious auto accident and sustained injuries to my neck, back and right hand. It wasn’t long before I was inundated with doctor and diagnostic bills and received no assistance from the two insurance companies. I located The Husband & Wife Law Team on line and after the initial consultation everything changed as Mark and Alexis took over and relieved me of all frustration and worry. They communicated with me on a regular basis with updates and answered all my questions. They successfully dealt with the many obstructions and delays from doctor offices, insurance reps, diagnostic facilities and appraisers. A Settlement was reached in two parts rather than one, because Mark and Alexis never wavered in their commitment to me. Their professionalism was outstanding. I’ve had numerous contacts with attorneys over my 29 year career in criminal justice and I would recommend The Husband & Wife Law Team without hesitation.


One of the best injury lawyers I have ever meet. (His Wife is the other one)

From day one when I meet Mark Breyer in the hospital after my accident they impressed me. As my case continued they completely took me by surprise with the level of dedication and personal service that they gave. Even though I am sure that my case was not the largest or most important case that they were dealing with at the time I always felt as if I was on the top of there list. I will always recommend them to anybody that feels that they need an injury lawyer or even has a question about them.


Our knight in shining armor!

Just when I thought all hope was lost, Mark Breyer and his legal team rode into our troubles as white knights in shining armor who saved the day. Long story, short, my daughter was in an accident in which the other driver was 100% at fault. My daughter suffered a serious, but not obvious, back injury (herniated, degenerative discs). Being very young, she wanted to try every remedy medically available that did not involve surgery (which would be had as a last resort). Being a pretty optmistic person, I trusted my own insurance company, my medical insurance and the local lawyer I contacted that the other driver's insurance would cover my daughter's medical costs. Surprise, surprise, as the statute of limitations was ready to run out, the other driver's insurance company basically said," Sue us for the medical cost." We managed to quickly file a lawsuit by ourselves, only to find that we had completed some of the paper work incorrectly. At that point, I felt that we were up a creek without a paddle, and my daughter would have to live with her constant pain. The Husband & Wife Law Team does very little television advertising, but one night in the wee morning hours, their commercial came on twice as a wrestled with trying to sleep. I took this as a sign, and called their office the next day. I was treated with great professionalism, care and concern, but not given promises of roses and sunshine. The evaluation of the case was clearly explained along with the possibility of a negative outcome. I truly appreciated the honest and open conversation between the lawyers and myself. The entire team guided me through the process, the paperwork, and the legal ramifications. Communication is certainly one of the many strengths exhibited by The Husband & Wife Law Team. Through hard work, determination, compassion, and more compassion, Mark and The Husband & Wife Law Team helped us reach mediation with the other driver's insurance company. At this point my daughter and I fully trusted the experience and the advice being given to us. We ended leaving mediation with an appropriate settlement that will fullly cover the cost of my daughter's future medical bills, and with happy hearts knowing that what we thought was a hopeless situation had been successfully rescued by the Mark Breyer and all the supportive personnel in his competent law office. My faith in humanity was restored thanks to The Husband & Wife Law Team. Should I ever find myself or a loved in a situation that involves any type of injury, The Husband & Wife Law Team will be one of the first phone calls I make to insure that our rights are protected under the law. I cannnot express in words the gratitude I have in my heart for being blessed with having met the wonderful, caring Mark, Alexis, Brian, Stephanie, Molly, and all the others in his office that supported us throughout this process.


Thanks to Mark Breyer and The Husband & Wife Law Team

When I first spoke to Mark about my elderly mother's accident, he sounded interested but made no promises. He said he needed to have his medical expert evaluate the circumstances of her accident before he could say whether or not there was a case. I trusted him immediately. He and his associate, Stefanie, kept us posted on all aspects of Mother's case. In the end, he settled the suit out of court for twice what he had estimated. Because of the accident, my mother had to leave her home forever and move to an assisted living facility. Thanks to Mark she can afford to live there comfortably for many years to come. I give to Mark and The Husband & Wife Law Team a 5-star, A+ rating. I would recommend them to anyone seeking an accident attorney.


Review on Mark

Mark is great attorney. He is reliable and I had a good experience with him. I would rate him 5 out of 5. Thanks Mark and Team.


Great lawyer

Highly reccommend his team. He represented everything I could have asked for in a lawyer; professional, compassionate, understanding, etc.


Not what you would expect, better

I was injured in an auto accident in the summer of 2011. The other driver was distracted by his cell phone and hit me at 45-50 mph while I was making a right turn. My truck wasn't even two weeks old when this happened. I attempted to handle the situation on my own, but the other insurance agency wasn't cooperating. Surgery was required and they wanted nothing to do with that. I decided to call an attorney for some help. Mark was out of town with his family when I called his office. I gave the information about the accident to his office staff. I was amazed when I received a call from Mark that evening, from where he was vacationing. When he and his family returned, we met and discussed the accident and his services, at my house. He was outstanding. He loved his job and he made my husband and I feel that he cared about us and what we were going through. We hired Breyer & Breyer that night. He and everyone involved in our case listened to us and worked hard for us. They explained every step and we always felt involved. Mark was blunt and straight forward. He did not at any point mislead us or let us down. After both of my surgeries the office was in contact with us to make sure that all was well with me and the family. The case took a year and a half to resolve, just like he said would most likely happen. It ended in a way I was pleased with. It ended much better than it would have had I continued to handle it on my own.

I was raised to believe that lawyers, especially injury lawyers, were only interested in the money that would land in their pockets. That they shouldn't be trusted or believed and that they are underhanded. I was also taught that they should only be used if all other options are exhausted. I was taught wrong. Breyer & Breyer has compassion for their clients. We aren't just dollar signs popping in their eyes, we are people. They treated my family and myself wonderfully. When I went to sleep at night, I never felt like they or I had done anything underhanded. I have the utmost respect for them and would highly recommend them to anyone as well as refer to them with any future needs I had.


Mark and Alexis are terrific! In addition, their office staff was outstanding. y did for us!

Mark and Alexis are the real deal!They are truly attorneys that have integrity and good character. We were incredibly impressed with their level of professionalism. Mark called me back promptly at the exact time I was told to expect a call. This was unbelievable! In addition he wasn't rushed and took his time to answer all my questions and listen to all the details of the situation. Mark and Alexis are also community supporters and I appreciate they do to promote and recognize public education.


The best personal injury lawyers in Arizona!

I was in a really bad car accident when a pizza delivery guy ran a red light and slammed into my car. I had no idea who to call but someone I really trusted told me that the best personal injury lawyers in Arizona to call was Mark and Alexis Breyer. Thank God I listened to him!

From the moment I met Mark Breyer he was honest and told me everything - No BS! From the very beginning I was able to trust everything they said and it all came true. I had so many questions because I had never been through anything like this. They were so patient and helped me through everything.

People always told me and claimed that their lawyers would charge them for every time they called or try to take all the money and that I would never get my fair share. Those people were all wrong. I ended up with a better result than I ever expected.

In the end, the best part was the outcome. What a great result.


Car Accident

Mark Breyer is the best. I have known him for several years and he is highly ethical and has a reputation for being honest and responsible. After my son's car accident he was very aggressive and worked hard to get us the best settlement possible. There is no doubt that Mark is a very talented auto accident attorney and I highly recommend him.


Our experience with Mark and Alexis Breyer

Mark and Alexis Breyer were referred to us by a family member who is a police officer.My son and I were involved in a auto accident in Parker, Az...Our experience with them was overall excellent. They kept us informed, calling us to ask how my son was doing (he lost his spleen, had a clot in his brain and suffered from a broken pelvis).They care about their clients and are trustworthy. I would like to thank them for all their help and their continuing help when I have a question.I would highly recommend them.


Mark Breyer helps an out-of-towner through difficult times...

Mark Breyer and his team handled my accident case from 2005 with great skill.

I was very new to the Phoenix area and driving through town when the biggest car accident of my life happened. I broke my arm and found myself out of work during my relocation to the east coast.

Mr. Breyer took the matter seriously and handled my case in a professional manner. There were times where I was scared to call for quick guidance because of my past experience with other attorneys, but Mr. Breyer and his knowledgable team did everything to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

Mr. Breyer's most important strengths are his integrity and his willingness to do the best he can for his clients. I truly believe that he is a subject matter expert in the complex world of personal injury.

I highly recommend Mark Breyer for any personal injury case in the state of Arizona. He is very reputable and cares about the end result.


Mark Breyer Review

Mark Breyer is a lawyer you can count on. He is industrious, professional,, tenacious, and trustworthy. I was involved in an accident with a major national trucking firm. I was severly injured, but the trucking company did not want to admit that the injuries were related to the accident. Mark gave me good advice and constantly worked to my best advantage. Because of Mark I was able to settlle out of court. I was very much satisfied with the settlement. If I have another legal problem I will call Mark to help me. I strongly recommend this lawyer.


I was in a multiple injury wreck back in 2004. Mark and Alexis took my case not knowing it would take its toll on all of us . But through it all They were always there to help me through. And not only me but my 2 teenage sons who absolutely love Mark

Because he took the time to talk to them and relate to what they like. all in all I would not go anywhere else . Thank you Mark and Alexis for everything, Danny Rector



Mark is an hard working, caring person which makes him an excellent lawyer. .

He took our case when we were hurting so much and with such care and respect got the information he needed to proceed with our case. He kept us informed even when we left Arizona and returned home to Florida. If we had any questions, even the most insignificant ones, he would always be right there to answer them or find the information if he didn't know.

If I were to need an attorney ever again, I would certainly call Mark.


Mark and Alexis Breyer, Best lawyers and now Best friends!

My husband and I were referred to Mark and Alexis Breyer about 10 years ago, since then they have handled a few cases for us. They have always been very honest, responsive and given us excellent advice in times of need. I cannot say enough good things about them. They have always done a great job at getting things done in a timely manner, always made themselves available, and are very down to earth people. Mark and Alexis are a husband and wife team, which I would chose over these huge lawfirms anyday, because you know that they are real people too. They also have the most wonderful office staff and I have always been welcomed and felt very compfortable dealing with them as well. Mark and Alexis have the loveliest family as well, their children are wonderful. Now that we have gotten to know them,and their family we are all great friends and do things with our children as often as possible. Mark is now one of my husbands best friends and Alexis is a wonderful friend to me.


Personal Injury case 2006

My experience with Mark Breyer was overall excellent. He and his staff kept me informed about my case and were honest and up front about the issues and possible outcomes with me. I felt my best interests were being looked after from day one. Mark is a very personable attorney who communicated easily with me and helped to make me feel comfortable with the legal process. I would certainly recommend him and his firm for personal injury cases.


Client Review

Great lawyer to deal with .


More than we could have hoped for!

Mr. Breyer was very thorough in our case. We had a business auto policy that we would not have thought to look into. Mr. Breyer was able to use this policy, along with our personal insurance and the at-fault person's insurance to get us a substantial settlement. I'm not sure another attorney would have picked up on that possibility - I mean, personal insurance policies are bad enought - who wants to read through a business policy??


Not just lawyers, but really good people

The Breyer Family has been in my life for over 3 years now, and I couldn't have asked for better lawyers. My family was in an accident that resulted in the death of my husband and all three of my children in the hospital. I never thought I would find a lawyer that would not only work on my case but also care about the well being of my family. (To this day, they still care about the well being of my family) They returned every phone call and email, which is something I have never had from lawyers in the past. It was wonderful the way they explained things to me so I would understand them better. They gave a warm, personal touch to everything they did. Not only did they help me with my case, but they also helped me in other areas of my life. I have spent some time with them and thier family and they are the most down to earth people I have ever met, and I am proud to say...... that through all of my trauma and grief, I have made some great new friends at The Husband & Wife Law Team.

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