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The Better Business Bureau grades us "A+" and it's no wonder why! With almost 60 "positive" reviews and no sign of stopping, Breyer Law Offices, P.C., is in the business of injury, accident, and wrongful death legal services--but not just in the "business" sense. We have passion for our profession, and what we do makes difficult situations easier for our clients. We care about each person as a whole, and that attitude comes through in every one of our team members!

Mark C.

I was rear ended on the highway and I reached out to Mark who then put me in contact with the staff to get things started. It was worry free from there. I have known Mark and Alexis for many years. I would not go anywhere else. Breyer Law Offices handled the entire process well and the staff was very responsive. I have referred friends to them before and I am glad that I trusted them as well to handle my case. The office is top notch and I was treated accordingly. If you are injured, call Mark and Alexis and trust the entire Husband and Wife Law Team.

Sonia F.

The Breyers firm handled my Son's case very well! They are very detail oriented and very caring firm. Our case is still open . Brewers firm continues to fight for us in what's right. If your looking for help this firm will fight for you in what right for you. I would highly recommend this firm.

Will K.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident, THREE TIMES A CHARM! My wife and I were injured 7/25/15 in a motorcycle accident. We were not at fault, but over a year and a half passed and we still remain victims. Victims of who or what you say? A 16yr old, unlicensed, uninsured driver, along with an uncaring insurance company. We hired two different attorneys, having never been involved in something like this, we really didn't know where to begin. Unfortunately, neither felt nor found there was an area in our circumstances that some type of compensation could be found. Concerned we were approaching the two year statue for any type of action, I made a chance phone call to "The husband & wife law team" Breyer Law Offices. During my initial call their staff was very polite, patient, and knowledgeable. They listened and asked many questions so as to understand our current situation. I was told that one of the attorneys would contact me, this ended up being Richard J********. He actually phoned me at 7pm that night. I was very surprised and happy that they followed through with what they said. They didn't leave me wondering or make me call them back as if I were just a "number". During my consultation, Mr. J******** knew the facts about our accident and our situation. After briefly listening to me. Mr. J******** said, "we’re not going to take your money to do something you can do yourself. This firms belief is it's not all about money when practicing law, it's also about helping people". Not everyone's case may be like this, I don't know and don't want to paint this type of picture. But at this point I am so thankful that I made the call to Breyer Law. Mr. J******** gave me some pointers on what I should do to try to get some compensation from my own insurance company. Beware of your coverage’s, that is another story. Anyways, Mr. J******** told me the first phone call I should make the next day should be to our old insurance company. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, but I followed his advice and was able to initiate a claim. What Breyer Law has done for me didn't end here. I was so grateful and impressed with their firm that I sent a email to both Mark & Alexis Breyer thanking & praising them for their staffs professionalism and what Mr. J******** did for us. I received an unexpected thank you from both of them. Alexis even wanted to know if there was a time she could speak to me. Alexis further consulted me about getting my records and which one's to use. Alexis prepared a letter, that when put with my records, we could send to the insurance company demanding they make a settlement offer. Things are still pending now, but we will never forget what Breyer Law and their staff has done for us. Our experience has shown that not all law firms are the same, not everyone is like the "ambulance chasers" you see on T.V. Breyer Law has shown us that attorneys can still practice law with passion and caring when it comes to clients. I believe that Breyer Law understands the importance of their clients needs, and how fortunate they are to do what they love. If you have taken the time to read this, I strongly urge you to call Breyer Law if you find yourself in need of legal services.


I was rear ended at a red light in 2015. After an entire year passed, I still had neck issues and decided to hire an attorney. I was concerned that it was too late for my case because a year had passed and I could not find someone to represent me. I found Breyer Law Offices by their online reviews which gave positive feedback. At the Husband and Wife Law Team, I received excellent service and was always kept ‘in the loop’. The staff was always honest. They were available by phone and email and were courteous and polite. I would refer anyone that needed representation to this firm; they are attentive and there to answer your questions at any time.


I chose Breyer Law Offices because my husband did research and saw the high level rating on the state bar review board. We were originally hesitant because we called several attorneys and we were told we didn’t have a case because of the rejection coverage of the person at fault. The Husband and Wife Law Team exceeded my expectations. Their communication was awesome from the very first start to the end of the process. Everything was handled well from getting rid of the hospital lien, communicating with insurance companies, and keeping us up to date on the status of the case. The best part was finding out I was getting more than expected. We would not recommend handling a claim on your own. Our experience was great and we highly recommend this office.

Renee B.

The husband and wife team are all that and more. Committed to excellent customer service. Treat you like family. Treat you with respect . I see them at least once a year at the hosted events. Thank you both for all you did for my family. You are both amazing. God bless.


Review: I had my accident 6 years ago and you and your staff still keep in touch. I was referred by another lawyer to the Breyers. I called a couple of law firms and none wanted to take my case. As soon as I mentioned worker’s compensation I was turned down. I called some firms and they said it was not enough money for them. I had lost hope. From my first meeting it was great. Cathy was my paralegal. I always got things explained to me in plain English. I now have to get my mail from a post office since I live in a small town now and every time I go there I tell them Alexis and Mark both are the greatest. The Teacher of the Month and that no matter when someone calls they always get a return call. Alexis you have even called me really late at night and surprised me that you called me. With all that you both do, my remarks to the Ladies and people in line, (it seems they all have to give their comments), is "Who Does That.” The quality of service exceeded my expectations. I was happy with the case results. This Team really knows their work and they know how to treat their clients. I am so thankful for the referral to The Husband And Wife Law Team and I too now refer others to them. Thank you so much for everything you both do for us and the community.

Bob M.

contacted the Husband and Wife Law Team when I was rear ended on my way home from work. I did not know what to expect. The whole process seemed well rounded to me. Everyone at their office was great but Katie stood out to me because I worked with her the most. Every part of the experience was great. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and not the stereotypical uptight and stuffy lawyer.

Joe & Katie

When you hear "balanced billing," think Breyer Law. After an accident or injury, the last thing you want to worry about is how insurance companies are going to fight over YOUR settlement. Breyer Law will treat you like family and get the best possible result. It's like having an aunt who's a lawyer! Alexis and Stephanie are awesome. I couldn't be happier with the experience.


I have been doing investigation work for Mark and Alexis of Breyer Law Office for over 15 years and they are the law firm that I refer others to call for Personal Injury. My husband and I have also been helped by Breyer Law. They are very well known together but are very dynamic on their own. They are top notch lawyers that help people like they would their own family. Their team of legal professionals are second to none. If they do not handle a particular type of case they find someone who does and get them to the right attorney as soon as possible. In my profession I know many attorneys that specialize in personal injury. I can honestly say that Breyer Law does an incredible job because they are laser focused on their clients and stick to their specialty. I always have their phone number immediately available for anyone that could be helped by them because I know that they will be.


I was involved in an accident while working. I decided to hire an attorney when the other driver started saying I was at least 50% at fault. I didnt know what to expect. My paralegal, Marsha, and the attorney had fast responses on every question I had. I felt relaxed throughout the process. I was always treated nicely. You guys were great and if I ever know someone who needs an attorney I would tell them to at least talk to you guys. Thanks again Marsha, Alexis and Brian. Thank you


I found Breyer Law Offices by a Google search and the testimonies led me to believe they were the best injury lawyers. I was hit by a drunk driver. The whole process was handled well. The Husband and Wife Law Team was professional and they accommodated me at every turn. Beau and Katie were great in every area. The settlement amount ended up being more than I originally expected. I am incredibly thankful for the help with this experience. Being my first accident I was stressed, but the staff put me at ease. There is no way I would have been able to receive the settlement I did without the help of Breyer Law Offices. Had I chose to handle my claim on my own, it would have caused more stress than was needed and I would not have received anything near the settlement I got. The peace of mind is worth every cent.


When I needed an attorney’s help, I turned to Alexis and Mark. Alexis worked with me and my wife. She helped me through everything and we had a great result. I know a lot of people in the motorcycle community and they all respect The Husband And Wife Law Team. This team is focused on great results but also really are like family. It’s great to see attorneys focused not just on helping people who are injured but also on safety on the roadway. Thank you for your help Alexis and Mark!


Someone lost control of their vehicle and they totaled my car. I was recommended to the Husband and Wife Law Team and they had a welcoming vibe. My expectations were exceeded. I feel everything was handled very well. I was worried at the beginning of the case but my attorney was very confident and set my mind at ease. The staff was available whenever I needed them. They always kept me updated on the case, very patient with me since it was my first ever case and they were very informative. They explained everything in a way for me to understand. I am so glad I decided to work with Breyer Law Offices!


I was involved in a motorcycle accident. It was frustrating at first working on my own with the insurance companies, liens and my personal health. I had never been in a situation like this so I had never needed a lawyer. I was very happy with the services I received. RJ came to my work so I didn’t need to drive at all out of my way. Delba, my paralegal, was professional, knowledgeable, personable and very supportive. Alexis negotiated with the hospital to reduce their lien amounts. I was very satisfied with everything. If you are in an accident, hire this team and let the experts do their magic!


Amazing Law Firm. I had a case with another Law Firm that I was not happy with the communication so I came to Breyer Law Firm because I've heard many good things about them. They looked over my case and Mark called me and gave me the Straight Talk on my case, he gave me more information on my case in 10 minutes then my other attorney did in 7 months. Very highly recommended and I know anytime I need Legal Services the Breyer Law Firm is a place I will go.


I came to Breyer Law Offices because of their reputation around town. Every person made me feel like the most important. The outcome surpassed my expectations. The Husband and Wife Law Team has amazing client service. The entire experience was great from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone and would use them again. I love Breyer Law Offices.


Thanks so much to Stephanie and the entire Breyer team, everyone at the firm has been amazing! Dealing with customers in a fair and just way. I always get complete updates and follow through. I always felt as though you all had everything under control, and in my best interests. The structure of my claim would have ended up with the Attorney making much more money than myself, Breyer has in their agreement that they wont profit above me - how great I that. I will send anyone who asks for a great firm right your way! Thanks again, you made a horrible time in my life tolerable and much more comfortable knowing you had my back.


Another vehicle pulled out in front of me causing me to hit them head on. The Husband and Wife Law Team were highly rated and recommended and I had a great first impression during the initial consultation. Everything from start to finish was handled well. Beau, Katie, Reesa and everyone were professional, friendly, and responsive. Everything went smoothly and just as I was told it would go. No surprises just up front information. My ending settlement was more than expected. I had a great experience and hopefully I’ll never need a lawyer again but if I do, I will come here first. This office is not like the stereotypes you hear about lawyers. They are very professional, up front, honest, and so helpful that it makes the process almost painless.


I was hit by a car while crossing the road.The adverse insurance tried to blame me for the accident. So i decided to hire a lawyer and fight for my rights. My first meeting with Brian from Breyer Law offices went very well and it made me feel confident and yet realistic about the case. All my questions over the duration of the case were answered promptly and in a clean manner. The best part was the settlement amount.The final amount increased 2-3 times in a short duration. Everybody I interacted with impressed me including Brian, Lou and Dalia. The Husband And Wife Law Team made my first legal experience a fruitful one.


My family hired The Husband and Wife Law Team many years ago. I have wanted to do a review but it is always very difficult to sit down and write about how I came to find Alexis and Mark and their team. At the time, I lived in Arizona with my family. My parents were visiting and we were at the rec center. My father tripped over a carpeting area that come to find out others had tripped over as well and the rec center knew was dangerous. My dad tripped and hit his head. Little did we know that the fall to his head caused a brain bleed which within a couple of days would claim his life. It was devastating to our family and we eventually moved back to be with my mother. How do I put into words how great Breyer Law is? Every time I sit down to write this review I get very emotional. I wish I could stand in front of a room and tell everyone how Alexis and Mark are definitely the Dynamic Duo! Our paralegal was Cathy S**** and she was amazing as well. I am very happy with the services that I received and can tell you that the Breyer model to treat clients like people and not clients is very real. Even after the case settled, we still kept in touch. When I came back to visit Arizona, I visited Cathy, Alexis and Mark. If you are looking for an injury law firm where you will get the best settlement and have lawyers and a team that really cares, this is the firm for you.


A driver pulled out in front of me causing me to hit them. It caused thousands of dollars in medical bills for me and damage to my car. The team stepped in a did a great job getting everything taken care of and a settlement that was above my expectations! I felt like I was not just another case. The team stayed in touch with me the whole time. Beau was awesome! He stayed in contact with me and treated me as a person, not just a case. Thanks for everything, my expectations were exceeded!


After being hit by a car that sent my car rolling over multiple times the other insurance company tried pinning partial fault on me. Breyer Law Offices was able to have them accept 100% liability and negotiate a fair settlement. I didn’t expect to meet Mark and Alexis on my first meeting but I am so glad I did. They truly care about their clients. I was very concerned that my in-pocket settlement would be very little after attorney’s fees and that hiring an attorney wouldn’t be worth it. I was impressed with everything. I really appreciated how thorough Beau was and I never worried or wondered if things were getting done. I knew I was in good hands. Hiring Breyer Law Offices is worth it. Let them take the stress off your hands – they’re the professionals at this.


I was broadsided at an intersection by a red light runner. I was referred to The Husband And Wife Law Team / Breyer Law Offices after I was with another attorney and was not happy. I switched representation and hired Breyer Law Offices and was extremely happy with my decision to switch attorneys. Meetings and attorney/client communication were handled well. I was always updated on the progress of my case. My attorney’s attitude and demeanor was the best part of my experience. If you try to handle your case without a lawyer you would be a fool!


I was struck in the back of my vehicle by a speeding truck. I found Breyer Law Offices by seeing their reviews and ratings online. Everything from beginning to end was handled well. I felt I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about the entire time. Breyer Law Offices was outstanding at getting this case settled quickly and the great communication allowed me to focus on getting better. The atmosphere in the office was friendly and relaxing. The overall experience was great.

K. McMullen

I did a lot of research and found Breyer Law Offices. I was almost in a head on collision but veered to avoid it and was hit broadside. Thank goodness my side air bags deployed. I think the entire team was professional, knowledgeable, and informed me of everything that was going on. The staff was warm and friendly. They were all very pleasant anytime I spoke with anyone from the office.


I got rear ended and was referred to Breyer Law Offices by a family member. It was great to get to know Beau. I would recommend you call them if you are ever in an accident. The staff is courteous and professional and my settlement met my expectations. Everyone always had a positive attitude.


Mark and Alexis helped me about 15 years ago when I was in a car accident. I had been referred to them by a good friend. Mark and Alexis kept in touch with me and they were there for me when I had another recent legal issue. They went above and beyond to help me. Beau, another attorney in their office, also helped me a tremendous amount. Everyone at their office is amazing. I can't say enough great things about this firm. If you are ever injured and need help, you should call them. They will give you straight forward advice and let you know the ins and outs. You will always be kept in the loop and you will never be forgotten by them. All these years later and picking Breyer Law Offices / The Husband And Wife Law Team was the best decision. They combine great results with compassion for others and excellent client communication and client service. You are not a number in this office and they really do care.


Breyer Law Offices was professional and answered all my questions timely. From the time I hired them, I had no worries. I never felt out of touch. The office was always friendly and helpful. I have already referred other people to them for legal representation. They made the experience for me easy so if you’ve been injured I highly recommend giving them a call to see your options.


I chose Breyer Law Offices because of their excellent customer service. I really appreciated Beau and Katie. Beau worked very fast to get me into a rental. My car was totaled and I was quickly able to purchase a new vehicle. They were very professional. They made a bad experience into a positive experience. As personal injury lawyers, they are trustworthy and work for your benefit.


I was hit by a drunk driver and found Breyer Law Offices on the internet. Each part of the process was handled exceptionally well. I especially appreciated Beau and Katie. I received amazing service and the settlement was better than I could have hoped for. I also appreciated the letters from Mrs. Breyer. My expectations were far exceeded. I think the entire office is filled with wonderful people from the top through every level at the firm. Their office is an amazing experience that is rare.

Chelsea K.

I was a pedestrian walking across the street when a car struck me in the crosswalk. I had no other choice then to hire a lawyer to help me in my pain. After a few declines by law attorneys in the city of Phoenix, I saw online that the Breyer Law Firm was very highly reviewed and made the decision to call them due to credibility. There was no hesitation and they were willing to do the best they could in taking my case. They sure did the best they could and I am blessed I found their firm to help me. I would have been stuck in debt with the hospital, been in lots of pain and would have had no place to go. Their service and representation was top notch. I walked away debt free, in less pain, and cash in my pocket. They fought for me and did all they could to make sure my story mattered and I was handled with care. Best injury law firm in Arizona by far!


I was referred to Breyer Law Offices by my sister who had a great experience with their services. I was sitting at a light when hit from behind. Their customer service was amazing. They had great communication and response time. I would recommend anyone to Breyer Law Offices because my case was handled with such importance, they will treat others the same.


Someone pulled out in front of me to turn left across and traffic and we collided. After discovering, she did not have an active insurance policy, we sought counsel and were very glad we did. It would have been so overwhelming without an attorney with a broken wrist and a 10 month old baby. I was surprised when they were able to track down our elusive at fault party. Good sleuthing. Everything was terrific. I appreciated the open, honest communication. I think people should consult an attorney as they know a lot more ins and outs of the law and the flexible gray areas.

Jenice B.

I was changing from the 101 freeway onto the I-10 when another car shot across the lane in front of me to get to the side of the road where she had already hit another car. I hired Breyer Law Offices because of their reputation. They are an amazing firm and we are truly blessed to have found them. Your firm exceeded my expectation. Beau was amazing and always so positive. I also appreciated the letters from Alexis and Mark throughout the time. If you want an honest and trustworthy firm contact Breyer Law offices. They fight for you not them.


I was rear ended while stopped for a red light. I tried handling cases on my own twice previously and both times it was miserable and cost me money. This time was quicker, easier and Breyer Law put money in my pocket. The best part was the people of Breyer Law. Breyer Law exceed my expectations and the people were better than I could have ever imagined.

G. P.

“We chose Breyer Law because of their top notch reputation. Alexis was very professional and did a great job negotiating with the insurance company and others involved (medical providers). During the whole process we didn’t have to worry or do anything. My son was hit by a car in the middle of an intersection. His car was totaled. He was not at fault. Breyer Law Offices handled our case from beginning to end. They did a great job. If you are in an accident, call the Breyers and meet with them. Everyone on their team is sincere and after meeting with them, you will know they are the best choice.”

Tracy A.

I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney and the thought of giving up a percentage was scary. The overall result of my case was better than I expected. They made it very easy for me. Stephanie gave quick responses and Alexis was informative and also got to know me on a personal level. The best was the outcome. Someone had turned in front of me which caused a collision. The most notable injury was my foot. Breyer Law made sure I was educated throughout the process and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I would strongly recommend Breyer Law to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Melanie W.

I was struck by someone who ran a red light. I was hesitant to hire an attorney, but quickly realized it was necessary. I had read about the B***** Law firm and decided to give them a call. Immediately, the B***** Law firm took away any stress and worry that I was harboring. I appreciated the patience and concern Beau exhibited. The correspondence from Mrs. B***** added something that I am sure that women, if not men, truly appreciate. I am very satisfied with their services and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. I would absolutely recommend a friend or family to call Breyer Law offices if they are in need. I give them a 10/10 in all categories.

Adam I.

I was in a car accident and knew I needed help. I couldn't be happier with my decision to trust the Breyer Law Office Team. They made everything simple. They were courteous and professional. Every step of the process they handled really well. They are honest and upfront with you. Go in and talk with them and they will tell you everything you need to know.

Andi P.

My accident was cut & dried. I was sitting still in traffic and got hit hard from behind. No doubt about who was at fault, the guy had insurance. No problem. Then I found out ***** **** wasn’t accepting blame because the other driver "didn’t remember" hitting me. I couldn’t get my car fixed, nothing. At that point I reconsidered my decision to hire an attorney. I didn’t even know if the Breyer’s would accept a small case like mine, but I figured they could refer me or give me some advice if they didn't. I was pleased to be able to hand it all over to **** and not have to hassle with it myself. I wasn’t looking to get big bucks out of it, but it was nice to get a little for my pocket when all was said and done. It was all good.


I came to Breyer Law Office because I had heard great things. I had never been to an attorney before. Breyer Law Office exceeded my expectations. The communication between me, my paralegal, and my attorney was above and beyond. I always knew what was happening in my case because of this great communication. Everyone at their office impressed me – ****, *****, and ******. The best part of working with them was their customer service and the fact that they were able to recover more than I expected. They were professional, personable and top notch.

Jim G.

I was a passenger in my friends car, in the early afternoon, of March 6, 2013, when we were hit from behind. We were hit with such force that it drove the car forward several hundred feet. My seat back broke and I received a punctured lung and cracked vertebrae. I spent 6 days in the hospital, after back surgery. A friend recommended I hire The Husband and Wife Team and I was confident that I had made the right choice from the initial meeting. It was definitely less stressful that "this legal team" was working on my behalf and I could get on with healing and finally back to work. Alexis and her team worked tenaciously on my case and I can honestly say that I was thrilled with the settlement. If you are injured in a car accident, this is "The" legal team you want working on your behalf!

Ellie C.

In June 2012, I was in a serious motorcycle accident involving another vehicle. I was ** years old. I suffered moderate and severe injuries. I'd never had experience with lawyers in my life, but a friend's parents suggested Breyer Law. I happily agreed to choose them over a company from **** (out of state) that my father wanted to choose. This was a great decision because **** and ****** are model citizens in their field. They are personal about my case, compassionate, and real human beings, who took the time to keep in touch with me throughout my case - which just got closed this month after 2 1/2 years. That time frame is very close to what they gave me as an estimate in the beginning. The paralegals that helped work on my case are just as friendly and kind as **** and ******, and anytime I wasn't able to reach them, I was always able to get help and answers from the paralegals. I'm also happy with my settlement amount; I was able to come to a very reasonable number with ****** help. They even negotiated more than what we agreed upon as a surprise! ****** and their team also went to the effort to pay all my medical bills for me. The Breyers have taken this nightmare and turned it into a great opportunity for me, since I'm investing a large portion of my settlement. They cared enough when all was said and done to make sure I wasn't going to spend it all in one place! It has been a life changing experience and I've felt secure throughout every step of it with them at my side. I hope no one has to go through what I did, but for anyone who does, I absolutely recommend Breyer Law.

Michael N.

Just as all the reviews before me, I am so happy with **** and his team. I cannot say enough about how awesome these people have been to work with. I had the sense right from the beginning that **** was a very down to earth guy and easy to talk to. I had a bad experience with a law firm a few years back and without going into too much detail, that accident was significantly worse and after two years and no real contact with that law firm, I settled for next to nothing. **** let me know from the start that he was going to fight for me and he did, his whole team did. It was an uphill battle but I came out on top because of this amazing firm. I was constantly "in the loop" in regards to the status of my case. follow-up phone calls and even a personal call from **** because he knew i was going through some medical issues, who else is gonna do that?!? You get a very genuine feeling from everyone you encounter at his offices. I firmly 100% believe that there is NO WAY I would of had the outcome I did if I went someplace else. I absolutely recommend Breyer Law!!

Kristie L.

****** was a joy to work with. She is attentive to detail, friendly, and makes lawyers likeable! She did a great job for us and is really efficient. She went out of her way to be helpful. We live outside of the country and she made everythinng easy for us.

Lyle M.

From day one when I meet **** ****** in the hospital after my accident they impressed me. As my case continued they completely took me by surprise with the level of dedication and personal service that they gave. Even though I am sure that my case was not the largest or most important case that they were dealing with at the time I always felt as if I was on the top of there list. I will always recommend them to anybody that feels that they need an injury lawyer or even has a question about them.

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