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Search for our Arizona offices on Google Maps and you'll find these wonderful reviews offered up by our clients. In each personal injury case, we strive to resolve our client's physical, financial, legal, and emotional issues as a team. Our eager staff works with people to get the best possible solutions. Read on and see why The Husband & Wife Law Team, is the right law firm for you!

Dawn K.

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because my husband did research and saw the high level rating on the state bar review board. We were originally hesitant because we called several attorneys and we were told we didn’t have a case because of the rejection coverage of the person at fault. The Husband & Wife Law Team exceeded my expectations. Their communication was awesome from the very first start to last. Everything was handled well from getting rid of the hospital lien, communicating insurance copies, and keeping us up to date on the status of the case. The best part was finding out I was getting more than expected. We would not recommend handling a claim on your own. Our experience was great and we highly recommend this office.

Jessica J.

I found The Husband & Wife Law Team by a Google search and the testimonies led me to believe they were the best injury lawyers. I was hit by a drunk driver. The whole process was handled well. The Husband & Wife Law Team was professional and they accommodated me at every turn. Beau and Katie were great in every area. The settlement amount ended up being more than I originally expected. I am incredibly thankful for the help with this experience. Being my first accident I was stressed, but the staff put me at ease. There is no way I would have been able to receive the settlement I did without the help of The Husband & Wife Law Team. Had I chose to handle my claim on my own, it would have caused more stress than was needed and I would not have received anything near the settlement I got. The peace of mind is worth every cent.

Jessie K.

Another vehicle pulled out in front of me causing me to hit them head on. The Husband & Wife Law Team were highly rated and recommended and I had a great first impression during the initial consultation. Everything from start to finish was handled well. Beau, Katie, Reesa and everyone were professional, friendly, and responsive. Everything went smoothly and just as I was told it would go. No surprises just up front information. My ending settlement was more than expected. I had a great experience and hopefully I’ll never need a lawyer again but if I do, I will come here first. This office is not like the stereotypes you hear about lawyers. They are very professional, up front, honest, and so helpful that it makes the process almost painless.

Maheshinder S.

I was hit by a car while crossing the road. The adverse insurance tried to blame me for the accident. So i decided to hire a lawyer and fight for my rights. My first meeting with Brian from The Husband & Wife Law Team went very well and it made me feel confident and yet realistic about the case. All my questions over the duration of the case were answered promptly and in a clean manner. The best part was the settlement amount. The final amount increased 2-3 times in a short duration. Everybody I interacted with impressed me including Brian, Lou and Dalia. The Husband & Wife Law Team made my first legal experience a fruitful one.

Carilyn K.

My wife and I were injured 7/25/15 in a motorcycle accident. We were not at fault, but over a year and a half passed and we still remain victims. Victims of who or what you say? A 16yr old, unlicensed, uninsured driver, along with an uncaring insurance company.

We hired two different attorneys, having never been involved in something like this, we really didn't know where to begin. Unfortunately, neither felt nor found there was an area in our circumstances that some type of compensation could be found. Concerned we were approaching the two year statue for any type of action, I made a chance phone call to "The husband & wife law team".

During my initial call their staff was very polite, patient, and knowledgeable. They listened and asked many questions so as to understand our current situation. I was told that one of the attorneys would contact me, this ended up being Richard Jefferies. He actually phoned me at 7pm that night. I was very surprised and happy that they followed through with what they said. They didn't leave me wondering or make me call them back as if I were just a "number". During my consultation, Mr. Jefferies knew the facts about our accident and our situation. After briefly listening to me. Mr. Jefferies said, "we’re not going to take your money to do something you can do yourself. This firms belief is it's not all about money when practicing law, it's also about helping people". Not everyone's case may be like this, I don't know and don't want to paint this type of picture. But at this point I am so thankful that I made the call to The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Mr. Jefferies gave me some pointers on what I should do to try to get some compensation from my own insurance company. Beware of your coverage’s, that is another story. Anyways, Mr. Jefferies told me the first phone call I should make the next day should be to our old insurance company. I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, but I followed his advice and was able to initiate a claim.

What The Husband & Wife Law Team has done for me didn't end here. I was so grateful and impressed with their firm that I sent a email to both Mark & Alexis Breyer thanking & praising them for their staffs professionalism and what Mr. Jefferies did for us. I received an unexpected thank you from both of them. Alexis even wanted to know if there was a time she could speak to me. Alexis further consulted me about getting my records and which one's to use. Alexis prepared a letter, that when put with my records, we could send to the insurance company demanding they make a settlement offer.

Things are still pending now, but we will never forget what The Husband & Wife Law Team and their staff has done for us. Our experience has shown that not all law firms are the same, not everyone is like the "ambulance chasers" you see on T.V. The Husband & Wife Law Team has shown us that attorneys can still practice law with passion and caring when it comes to clients.

I believe that The Husband & Wife Law Team understands the importance of their clients needs, and how fortunate they are to do what they love. If you have taken the time to read this, I strongly urge you to call The Husband & Wife Law Team if you find yourself in need of legal services.

Miriam W.

I was hit by a drunk driver and found The Husband & Wife Law Team on the internet. Each part of the process was handled exceptionally well. I especially appreciated Beau and Katie. I received amazing service and the settlement was better than I could have hoped for. I also appreciated the letters from Mrs. Breyer. My expectations were far exceeded. I think the entire office is filled with wonderful people from the top through every level at the firm. Their office is an amazing experience that is rare.

Michelle R.

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because of their excellent customer service. I really appreciated Beau and Katie. Beau worked very fast to get me into a rental. My car was totaled and I was quickly able to purchase a new vehicle. They were very professional. They made a bad experience into a positive experience. As personal injury lawyers, they are trustworthy and work for your benefit.

Lynda C.

I was stopped in a line of traffic when someone hit me from behind going at a high rate of speed which totaled my car. I was referred to The Husband & Wife Law Team by a neighbor. The Husband & Wife Law Team relieved all the stress I was experiencing so I could focus on healing. The friendly and professional staff made me feel valued and important. I was also not expecting to receive much in regards to a settlement. I was so happy to learn that not only were all my medical bills paid, but I also received a decent settlement. On a scale of 1-10, I would give The Husband & Wife Law Team a 14.

Daniel E.

Go to The Husband & Wife Law Team. They will do everything they can to help you. I was injured and looked for attorneys and no other attorney wanted my case. I found The Husband & Wife Law Team and they were very helpful and took my case. We got more of a settlement than we ever thought. The staff went out of their way to exceed my expectations, especially in the amount of a settlement I received. Me and my wife were treated like family. There is nothing they could have done better.

Larissa S.

I was referred to The Husband & Wife Law Team by my sister who had a great experience with their services. I was sitting at a light when hit from behind. Their customer service was amazing. They had great communication and response time. I would recommend anyone to The Husband & Wife Law Team because my case was handled with such importance, they will treat others the same.

Natasha A.

We highly recommend this law firm. The Husband & Wife Law Team family have been a joy to work with. They are very professional, courteous, patient and honest about everything they do. Always making sure to explain every step of our case and making sure it was easy to understand. They always welcome you with open arms and smiles. Thank-you for all the help. A special thank-you to Mark, Alexis, Brian and Stephanie. You've made a very difficult time in our life easier to handle.

Steve B.

I was rear ended while stopped for a red light. I tried handling cases on my own twice previously and both times it was miserable and cost me money. This time was quicker, easier and The Husband & Wife Law Team put money in my pocket. The best part was the people of The Husband & Wife Law Team. The Husband & Wife Law Team exceed my expectations and the people were better than I could have ever imagined.

Kate H.

I was rear-ended at a high speed and ended up in the hospital for nearly a month and rehab for 3 months. The Husband & Wife Law Team represented me right from the beginning. They were clear in providing options and diligent with follow up. I was truly well represented.

Chelsea K.

Their service and representation was top notch. I walked away debt free, in less pain, and cash in my pocket. They fought for me and did all they could to make sure my story mattered and I was handled with care. THANK YOU!

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