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Everybody who works in the construction trade understands the dangers inherent in that line of work. In some cases, even when a worker does everything possible to stay safe and healthy on the job, terrible and tragic consequences can occur. Far too often, the serious injuries that are incurred by Scottsdale residents or those working on Scottsdale, Arizona construction projects comes from the fact that a different subcontractor did not follow basic safety procedures.

Far too often, workers who make construction claims believe that they are limited to only making workers' compensation claims. Workers' compensation is a vital piece of the puzzle for anyone who's been injured in a construction site accident. For construction workers who are not able to return to work, the money that is provided by workers' compensation can help make ends meet.

The problem is that many workers are led to believe that they cannot bring personal injury cases if they are injured on the job. While this is true in many situations, there are many construction workers who have simply lost out on their right to receive fair and adequate compensation. This means every last dollar that they have lost from work should be reimbursed, not the lesser limits allowed under workers' compensation. This means that people who have been injured in certain construction site accidents would have the right to get the best possible medical treatment and find the best doctors, not just be limited to those doctors and medical providers allowed under workers' compensation laws. This means that in addition to payment of out-of-pocket expenses, construction workers who have been injured in the State of Arizona often have the right to get "pain and suffering" and other general damages for the pain, suffering, anxiety, frustration, loss of ability to do regular activities of daily living, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The distinction can be difficult to make. It usually takes an experienced work injury lawyer to determine whether or not a worker can make a workers' compensation claim in addition to a personal injury claim. It is important to note that the personal injury claim does not jeopardize the workers' compensation claim. If there is an available personal injury lawsuit after a construction accident, it is available in addition to the benefits allowed under workers' compensation laws.

If there was a way to simply describe the bright-line distinction, it would be that if the injury was caused in whole or in part only by people who work for the exact same company as the worker who was injured, there is probably not going to be a right to bring the personal injury lawsuit in Scottsdale. On the other hand, for somebody whose injury was caused completely, or even partially, by a different subcontractor or somebody who did not work for the same construction company, there is very often a remedy that can be life changing for someone who's been seriously injured on a construction site.

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If you have any questions whatsoever about an injury that occurred on a construction site, or any type of construction-related injury, please do not hesitate to give The Husband & Wife Law Team a call at (480) 944-9755. Find an experienced Scottsdale construction accident lawyer and ask them questions that relate to whether or not a claim can be brought beyond just workers' compensation. Far too many people have lost out on a type of compensation that can help their families while they recover and help families even more for those that can never return to the higher-paying jobs that they once had before somebody else's negligence on a construction site changed their lives forever.

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