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Protect Your Legal Rights After a Scottsdale Dog Attack

Throughout the Scottsdale area, there are many places where people are allowed to walk and bring their dogs. For those of us that love our dogs, we are thankful that there are places that we can bring our dogs. However, in addition to those who love and take their dogs out, there are many dog owners that are irresponsible. Some times, children suffer very serious dog bite injuries as a result of irresponsible dog owners. Some times, a dog that is vicious has bitten more than one person, and everybody who has been bitten may have a claim against the person who owned the dog. If you have been attacked by a dog, please contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (480) 944-9755 today to speak with a dedicated Scottsdale dog bite attorney.

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Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Bite claims should be analyzed beyond the stereotype of a "bad dog owner." To determine whether or not there is a dog bite claim that can be made, there are several factors to consider. First, it is important to look at dog attack law to determine what rights somebody has after they have been bitten. Whether it is a child who has been bitten or an adult, the laws are the same when it comes to receiving compensation. Sure, a dog owner that has a dog that has bitten others in the past and does not do everything possible to keep that dog from biting is going to have legal liability. They are going to be required under the law to pay for all of the damages they cost the innocent person, including but not limited to payment of the medical bills, payment for money lost from work, and what is often called "pain and suffering." Now, pain and suffering is more than what it sounds like. In fact, the term "pain and suffering" really means that people are entitled to complete restitution beyond just the money out of pocket including money to compensate them for the physical pain, the loss of abilities to participate in normal activities of daily living like going to school and going to work, and compensation for all other aspects of their life that were negatively impacted by the dog bite.

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Who Is Responsible for a Scottsdale Dog Bite?

Moreover, it is not just the dog owner that is uncaring that is held responsible under state law. In some states, a dog owner is only held responsible for a dog bite if they knew or should have known that their dog was dangerous. Therefore, in many states the dog owners have a "one free bite" exception. In other words, if a dog has never bitten anybody before and is not known to be vicious or dangerous, the owner is not held responsible for the injuries that their own dog causes. However, Arizona generally does not follow that law - there is no "one free bite." In other words, the dog owner is responsible for any damages caused by their dog even if they had no way of knowing that their dog was going to bite anybody. This way, the law encourages people to do everything possible to make sure their dog is kept safely away from anybody that the dog may bite. Owners can't rely upon the "I didn't know" defense. They own the dog, and they are held responsible for any damages their dog causes.

Another consideration many people have is whether or not a dog owner could ever pay for the injuries that the dog causes. The reality is that many dog owners also own a home. Unless they own the home outright - unless they do not even have any mortgage on it - their lender will usually require them to have homeowner's policy. Most, but not all, homeowner's policies cover the liability homeowners have if their dog attacks somebody.

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Contact a Scottsdale Dog Bite Lawyer at The Husband & Wife Law Team

We certainly understand that some people may not feel that Arizona dog bite laws are fair. However, we would point out the fact that far too often the victim of a serious dog bite is a child. Far too often, a child is playing with a dog and, for whatever reason, the dog snaps and bites the child. More times than we would like to recall, our clients have been innocent children bitten in the face who have been left with scars that they will have to live with. This is very regrettable and it is very sad every time it happens. Obviously, nothing can undo what was done when a dog attacks. There is no way to rewind the clock and prevent the dog from causing this damage. Therefore, whether it is a child who has been seriously injured or an adult, the law recognizes their right to bring a claim against the homeowner's insurance or a lawsuit against the dog owner, if necessary, to recover money to pay for the medical bills, the plastic surgeon, the time off work, and for compensation for every way the dog bite has affected their life.

If you have any questions whatsoever about dog bite cases, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Scottsdale personal injury lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team. We are very experienced at helping people through the process of determining if they have a dog bite case, if there is insurance that will help pay for the claim that is made, all the way through the collection of the claim and the process of finding the best doctors along the way.

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