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Helping Victims of Nursing Home Negligence in Scottsdale

As family members get older, many loving and caring families do the best research they can to try to find a place where their elderly loved ones can live in the most comfort and in the best possible facilities. For these families, finding the best possible placement is a vital concern. It is many times the biggest choice that the family has to make. People understand that they are entrusting their loved ones into the hands of these assisted-living facilities and nursing homes in the state.

Many times, these nursing homes and assisted-living facilities do a fantastic job. They comfort and take care of those who are in need. When that happens, they should be applauded.

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Recognizing Abuse in a Scottsdale Nursing Home

Unfortunately, there are cases of neglect or outright abuse of the elderly in nursing homes. Some of these cases may be looked at as a one-time act of simple negligence that leaves a vulnerable adult to suffer very serious consequences. Other times, there is a direct pattern of abuse by those who should be taking care of the elderly in their care.

Residents who have concerns about possible nursing home abuse or neglect of their loved ones should do everything possible to investigate to make sure that their loved ones are not being taken advantage of. In those cases where somebody has a gut feeling that their mother, father, or loved one is not being taken care of, they should contact a nursing home lawyer.

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Adult Protective Services Act

Arizona nursing home laws include the Adult Protective Services Act. This law, known as APSA, provides rights and remedies for families who have seen their loved ones abused or neglected at the very facilities that are paid to take care of them. This law provides for claims beyond which most personal injury claimants would be allowed to make. The reason this law is so important is that it serves as a deterrent to the facility that is treating somebody poorly, and to other facilities around the state. In this way, somebody who brings a claim through a Scottsdale nursing home abuse lawyer on behalf of their loved one for nursing home abuse or neglect not only does a great service to the loved one that they care about, but helps prevent future abuse by other facilities as well as that facility.

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Contact Scottsdale Elder Abuse Lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team

If you have suspicions of nursing home abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 944-9755. There are resources available to you to allow for an investigation. There is a state agency that you can contact to report the suspected abuse or neglect. You are always free to contact our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys so that we can provide you information. Having helped multiple families through this process, The Husband & Wife Law Team knows that while it is difficult, it is vitally important that these facilities and these workers not be allowed to get away with abusing the vulnerable adults in their care.

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