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Scottsdale Pedestrian Accident Claim

  • Have you recently been involved in an accident?
  • Were you, or a loved one, injured as a result?
  • Was someone else responsible for your injuries?
  • Were you walking in or around the Scottsdale area when it occurred?

If so, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against the negligent driver – and the Scottsdale car accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team can help. Few collisions have the potential to be as devastating as those involving pedestrians. Victims of such incidents can be left with life-altering injuries and deep emotional trauma. Depending on the severity of the collision you may even have lost a loved one. That is why we are determined to help victims of pedestrian accidents get the recovery they need and the justice they deserve.

We encourage you, or a family member, to contact us at your earliest availability. Our local number is (480) 944-9755. We understand how overwhelming such accidents can be, so if you’re unable to meet us at our office, we’ll come straight to you.

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What Kind of Compensation Could I Receive?

Pedestrian accidents are often incredibly violent. The size of the car and how fast the driver was going can lead to a variety of different results. This also means every case will have a different outcome. So, it is impossible to determine, within a degree of accuracy, what a case may be worth without reviewing all the facts first. However, regardless of the actual number, there are some common categories in which damages tend to fall, including:

  • Hospital expenses
  • Property damage
  • Therapeutic costs
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Lost wages

If a loved one was killed in a Scottsdale pedestrian accident, you may also be able to file a wrongful death claim. To learn more about your options, please call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (480) 944-9755 and we’ll help you sort through the details surrounding your case.

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How Long Do I Have to File My Scottsdale Pedestrian Injury Claim?

Scottsdale pedestrian injury claims often require a great deal of research and investigation. Even the smallest detail can have the biggest impact on such a case. So the sooner we are able to review the details surrounding your accident, the better off we’ll be establishing your case. In addition, the state of Arizona has a statute of limitation in place for all personal injury claims. This means that you have a limited amount of time in which to file. Failing to meet the deadline can result in a complete forfeiture of rights. So don’t delay. Give our Scottsdale pedestrian injury attorneys a call, or send us an email, and schedule your free case consultation today.

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