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What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is an area of law that attributes responsibility to property owners and occupiers to keep their properties safe. Scottsdale property owners and occupiers must take reasonable steps to ensure their property is safe.

If they have not, and you have been injured on their premises, they could be found negligent and be liable for your injuries. The Husband & Wife Law Team can help if you have been injured on a hazardous Scottsdale property. Call us at (480) 944-9755 today.

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Premises Liability Cases

The area of premises liability covers cases such as slip and fall accidents. These are the most common type of premises liability cases in Scottsdale, but many other scenarios come under this area of law. You may have grounds for a lawsuit after many types of accidents.

Some examples include accidents where, due to a lack of adequate security somewhere like a hotel, a guest has been injured by another guest. Faulty machinery that has not been properly maintained could cause injuries.

This could be at a shop that has an escalator, where the escalator is not properly maintained, causing it to malfunction and cause an injury. Maintenance issues could also arise at a gym, where a piece of machinery such as a treadmill could malfunction and result in injuries to its user.

The law determines if a property owner or occupier is liable for your injuries by asking if they took reasonable steps to prevent the accident. If an employee was expected to maintain or supervise a particular area, and they did not do so, it is more likely they will be found liable as they knew of the dangerous condition and acted negligently. Courts will look at factors such as whether warning signs or notices were displayed and whether the hazard had caused a previous injury.

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What Should You Do After a Premises Liability Accident in Scottsdale?

If you were in an accident on a property that has caused an injury, the owner or occupier may be liable. This is why it is important to contact a Scottsdale personal injury lawyer after an accident. The Husband & Wife Law Team knows the nuances of a premises liability claim and can guide you through the process.

In Scottsdale, this involves filing a cause of action against the defendant, in this case the property owner or occupier, for the injuries you incurred due to their negligence. Property owners and occupiers have a legal duty to maintain a premise that is free from hazards, risks, and defects. Failure to ensure a premise is safe, resulting in injuries to visitors or guests, is negligence.

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How Our Scottsdale Premises Liability Attorneys Can Help

After a premises liability accident, it is best to create a comprehensive paper trail. The Husband & Wife Law Team can help you do this thoroughly and accurately. A paper trail will provide evidence of your injury and surrounding circumstances. You should record your version of events as soon as possible, and ask any eyewitnesses to do the same. If there are any photographs of the accident, you should obtain these too.

To bring a successful premises liability case, you must prove the property owner or occupier created, or knew about and did not rectify, an unsafe condition on their premises. As the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff in a Scottsdale premises liability case, you must engage a skilled attorney to help you prove liability.

The Scottsdale slip and fall attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team will work with you after an accident to ensure you have the best possible chance of recovering compensation for your injury. Call us at (480) 944-9755 today.

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