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We have helped many people who have suffered the consequences of very serious, over-the road, big-rig, 18-wheeler trucking accidents. We have been surprised in helping these families to see the attitude some insurance companies have towards the victims in these cases. Even more, we are often surprised at how little people understand the dangers that are present with over-the-road truck drivers violating federal laws. Unfortunately, there are far too many truck drivers ignoring federal law.

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Federal Laws

As most people know, there is no specific federal law that dictates how many hours somebody can drive in a day. On the other hand, there are very strict federal laws when it comes to over-the road truck drivers and how many hours they may drive. This is not because the law is picking on truck drivers. This is because there is a recognition of the law of the grave dangers posed by the vehicles that are driven by over-the-road truckers.

When truck drivers follow those laws, stay awake, and stay alert they are some of the very best drivers on the road. These men and women are doing their job and they should be applauded for doing a hard job very well. Many professional truck drivers will drive more accident-free miles than almost any other driver could ever hope to imagine. These exceptional drivers are able to do that because they are not falling asleep at the wheel, they are not taking amphetamines to keep them awake, and they are not putting at risk the lives of Arizona residents.

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Negligent Trucking Companies

On the other hand, there are some trucking companies that encourage their drivers to take risks. There are some truck drivers that are willing to drive while half asleep and violating their federal hours limitations in order to make a greater profit. These companies and these truck drivers must be stopped.

Unfortunately, what usually draws a trucking accident lawyer's attention to these drivers is an accident that they have already caused. Unfortunately, it is our clients and our potential clients throughout the State of Arizona that have been injured by these negligent truck drivers that shines a light on their practices.

Some times, a personal injury case is much bigger than the case itself. For instance, far too often people who have been injured as a result of truck driver negligence because the driver chose to violate federal hours and drive while tired or fatigued suffers very serious, life-changing injuries. Therefore, a truck driving accident case is about far more than just the medical bills for the person who has been hurt. In many of these cases, where the person is lucky enough to survive the collision, there are lost wages, medical bills, and a need to help compensate all of the other losses that affect the family when someone has been devastatingly injured. In even worse cases, we have seen the effects of drivers who drive while on drugs or fatigued in the pursuit of profits that have left families without a father or a child.

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Help With Your Scottsdale Personal Injury Claim

In addition to the importance of Scottsdale personal injury lawsuits in trucking cases for the family involved, these cases help deter other companies from acting more with regard to their profits than with safety for others. In other words, these truck drivers who drive over the hours do so because they believe they will make more money. These trucking companies that either turn a blind eye to their truckers going over hours or actually encourage their drivers to violate federal law so their trucking company can make more money can only be stopped when they realize that violating the law will not make more money for them. In this way, a truck crash lawsuit by a Scottsdale resident or someone who has been injured in an Arizona trucking accident can prevent future accident by stopping that company and others like it from pursuing these dangerous practices.

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If you or anybody you know has any questions about federal trucking laws or regulations, or about what Arizona trucking laws allow for someone who has been injured in a collision with a truck driver, please give The Husband & Wife Law Team a call. Even if you are not certain if you want to bring a claim but you just want someone that you can trust to give you honest answers, and tell you whether you have a case and what your options are, please contact our Scottsdale truck accident attorneys at (480) 944-9755. We are very proud of the fact that not only have we represented so many people who have been injured and who have needed us following serious accidents, but that we have always provided honest assessments so that people can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

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