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The Seriousness of a Dog Bite

Being bitten by a dog can lead to serious harm, and it is more common than you think. It is reported that each day, approximately 1000 Americans require medical treatment for dog bites. Over an entire year, this amounts to about 4.6 million bites per year.

Dog bites can cause a lot of damage to the tissue, but can also result in infection. Because the mouth of the dog contains a lot of bacteria, infection occurs regularly and is reported in one in five attacks. Bites can further lead to emotional scarring as the dog in question is often seen previously in a friendly light.

There is another economic burden due to medical expenses, loss of work and loss of career opportunities if the bite leads to physical or emotional impairments. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published in 2010 that the average cost of hospitalization after a dog bite is a whopping $18,200, which is 50% more than the average injury-related stay.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Surprise, it is important that you consider taking legal action due to the potential high costs involved. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to get into contact with The Husband & Wife Law Team who will work alongside you to cover the costs of this incident.

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Who Most Often Falls Victim?

Children have the highest risk of getting bitten, particularly boys aged five to nine years old. They account for approximately half of all dog bites. This is very troubling news, given that they are also the ones that are prone to more severe injury.

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Who Is Liable in These Cases?

The Arizona Dog Bite Law states that the owner of the dog is liable for any damages caused by the bite. It is important to note the terms:

  • You may be required to provide evidence that the injury was caused by the dog.
  • It does not matter where it occurred, i.e. public or private (unless you are trespassing).
  • It does not matter whether the dog has bitten someone before.
  • The attack occurred within the prior year.

The only reason that the dog’s owner is not liable is when the owner can prove that the dog was provoked, i.e. the victim caused the dog to attack.

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What Are Responsible Dog Owners Supposed To Do?

Responsible dog owners should accept any claims filed against their dog, as the dog’s actions are their responsibility.

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What Forms of Compensation Might You Be Eligible For?

You have the right to appeal for compensation for any damages caused by a dog bite. This includes medical costs, lost wages, cover of emotional support services and more.

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How Can a Surprise Dog Bite Lawyer Assist You?

The Husband & Wife Law Team are here to walk you through the entire legal process if you find yourself or loved ones in this situation. Being bitten by a dog is an extremely distressing experience.

Let the Surprise personal injury attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team take the additional stress of the legal matters off your shoulders. We will fight for you to ensure that you receive justice and the compensation that you deserve after a dog bite. Call us today at (623) 930-8064 for your initial consultation. Don’t hesitate–act now.

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