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As one of the most densely populated cities in Arizona, Tempe is a crossroads for many of the communities in the area, and its large number of freeways finds both personal and commercial vehicles traveling through the city limits. A number of semi trucks travel through Tempe everyday and, as such, increase the risk of a truck accident occurring and affecting residents. Truck accidents are often much more serious than car accidents, resulting in catastrophic injuries for those involved and often affecting a large number of people. The tractor trailer crash lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team understand that being injured in such an accident can have a devastating toll on a victim’s personal and professional life and damage him or her both physically and emotionally. As such, we understand how important winning proper compensation is for an injury victim.

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Truck Driver and Company Negligence

Both regulations from state governments and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) set strict guidelines for truck drivers and truck companies concerning the operation and maintenance of such vehicles in order to avoid preventable accidents. These guidelines dictate how many hours a truck driver can work before taking a required break, how long they may drive within one day and one week, and how long they must go on break for. Additionally, truck companies must make sure their employees are following these rules and properly inspect and maintain their vehicles in order to prevent the trucks from breaking down or crashing due to a malfunction.

Unfortunately, many drivers and companies violate these rules for the sake of cutting costs and making faster deliveries. Guidelines are set in place for the safety of truck drivers and everyone else around them and, while they cannot prevent every accident, accidents frequently occur when they are broken.

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Types of Truck Accidents

Big rigs are at a higher likelihood to cause damage during an accident not only because of their size and weight, but also because of the unique accidents that can be caused only by these vehicles. While trucks are often involved in common accidents, such as rear-end collisions and sideswiping, the trailer connected to a truck can cause many other types of accidents, including:

  • Jackknifing: If the cab loses control of the trailer, it may swing around while still connected until it ends up facing the opposite direction and pressed against the side of the cab. This may hit any vehicles in the way or crush them against the cab.
  • Under-Ride Collisions: Because the trailer is higher off the ground, smaller vehicles that crash into its side collide with the bottom of the trailer and can suffer severe damage, often tearing the top of the car off and inflicting serious injuries to occupants.
  • Runaway Trailers: The trailer becomes detached from the cab and travels by itself, often down an incline, until it stops by crashing into whatever is in its way.
  • Hazardous Material Spills: Tanker trucks often carry hazardous materials in secure containers, but during an accident, most often a rollover, the container may rupture and spill its contents. Depending on what it is, whatever is spilled may caused further accidents or expose others to dangerous toxins.

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Finding a Truck Accident Attorney in Tempe

Those injured in a truck accident should not wait to contact an experienced injury attorney in order to begin the search for compensation for losses and injuries. The Tempe accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team understand that being injured in such an accident can result in lost work time, mounting medical bills, and injuries that may never fully heal. Finding compensation from those responsible is an incredibly important step in recovery from a tractor trailer accident and can put an end to the financial burdens that come as a result of another party’s actions. For more information, contact our offices at (480) 753-4534 and receive a complimentary consultation on your case.

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